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[ST] Tier IX Udes 03 Alt 3 & Tier X MBTB

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Jambijon #1 Posted Jan 11 2023 - 17:11

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Greetings Tankers!


Two new vehicles will be coming to the Supertest soon:


UDES 03 Alt 3, Tier IX Swedish medium tank
MBTB, Tier X American heavy tank


UDES 03 Alt 3_EN.jpg
The UDES 03 Alt 3 (Tier IX Swedish medium tank): We have talked about this vehicle before, but that was back in 2019.
Like other high-tier Swedish medium tanks, this vehicle is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension that allows you to tilt its hull. The standard gun depression angle is –7 degrees; however, with the hydropneumatic suspension, this value increases to –13 degrees. The hydropneumatic suspension is activated automatically.
The vehicle is equipped with a three-shell magazine loading system. Each shell deals 360 HP of damage, and the gun has an accuracy of 0.33 m. The aiming time is 2 s. The penetration value of the standard shell is 252 mm, and the special shell can penetrate as much as 284 mm. The magazine reload time is 23 s, and the reload time between shells in the magazine is 3 s. The vehicle's view range is 390 m.
The armor thickness in the turret front reaches 66 mm. The vehicle has a specific power of 21.7 h.p./t that enables it to reach speeds up to 65 km/h. The vehicle's total durability is 1,600 HP.
The gameplay of the UDES 03 Alt 3 resembles that of other Swedish medium tanks. The low profile, hydropneumatic suspension, decent gun handling parameters, and three-shell magazine allow this vehicle to fulfill the same objectives as other medium tanks, but with its own unique features.




MBTB, Tier X American heavy tank
This tank is equipped with a 120 mm gun that causes 420 HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the standard shell is 265 mm, while the special HEAT shell can penetrate 330 mm of armor. It has an aiming time of 2 s, a dispersion of 0.34 m, and a reload time of 9 s.
The effective armor in the hull and turret front are 200 and 350, respectively. The durability is 2,200 HP. The gun depression angle is –10°. This vehicle has a specific power of 17.8 h.p./t that enables it to reach speeds up to 45 km/h. The view range is 420 m.
The MBTB has the technical characteristics to perform the role of a typical heavy tank, but its good dynamics also allow it to quickly change positions when necessary

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KiltedBlackhorse #2 Posted Jan 12 2023 - 16:26

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SpectreHD #3 Posted Jan 12 2023 - 16:56


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Would like to see where you guys got the idea of the MBT-B. Looks like something a bunch of fake ideas were dropped on the floor and got mixed up when picking up and resulted in that.


Also power creep is real. 420 damage? Is it a 120mm gun? Want to do something about the 120mm guns on the M103 and T110E5? Of course not. Power creep to get people to get the new shiny seems to be the WG business model now.

Kharah #4 Posted Jan 12 2023 - 22:00


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Players: "Nerf the Chieftain!"


WG: "What if we introduced an American Chieftain?"


Truly a classic.

VillainousButler #5 Posted Jan 13 2023 - 03:49


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Finished with trying to keep up with competition huh?

cloudwalking #6 Posted Jan 14 2023 - 23:05


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You can even feel the dejected nature of WG in the descriptions now.


so can my old 120mm guns get that alpha now?  No?  Ok..


This is a joke.

SpectreHD #7 Posted Jan 21 2023 - 04:13


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WG can do well to reduce back the alpha power creep.


Ignoring how much easy it is to do damage with gold ammo, the alpha increases just makes things die too quickly. And when things die too quickly, it just increases the rate of matches snowballing into roflstomps.


Why does this imaginary MBT-B get 420 alpha? Why does the T95/FV201 Chieftain get 440? Why does the M48 Patton and Action X get 390 alpha but the Leopard 1 gets 420? Why do some 105mm guns get 320 alpha while some get 360? Why do some 88/90mm guns 240 alpha while some get 280 alpha even within the same tier and vehicle class? WG needs to sort its balancing department out because it is bad enough you guys just arbitrarily make up armour thickness values because you all are too incapable of finding a solution to gold ammo while able to screw up HE, you all cannot even standardised damage values and perpetually increase power creep.


And back to the MBT-B. What the hell is this and why cannot WG introduced some REAL American tanks that don't require a pointless gimmick (looking at the super duper amazingly popular Yoh tanks). Make a T54 medium line (It is a medium tank line regardless of the devs making the fake M54 Renegade and T54E1 into heavies) and T95 medium line. Also a M60A2 and MBT-70 medium line.

There is at least 4 new lines for the 3rd oldest nation or are new lines with no gimmicks only for muh Russha nation? But instead we get that diarrhea and vomit jumbled mess of that MBT-B which would probably require either real $$$, grinding through hoops or exclusive to CW.

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