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[JUTSU] - Fun Work-life & Family-life Friendly Clan - Discord, Tank Models, 40K, & More

casual fun clan recruitment friendly supportive discord laid-back 40K model kits

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ShermanPanzer #1 Posted Jan 25 2023 - 01:42


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[JUTSU] is looking for more members!

More than anything, we want to be a clan for people who want the kind of clan that comes with an extra helping of community and zero baggage. No jerks, no elitists, no weird pressure to play the game at one specific time or in one specific way. We just want to share our bounty and our gaming hobby with other people! If you have a job, a family, hobbies, other commitments, and anything that makes you feel like you "don't have time for a clan", but you still want the benefits that come with clan membership, JUTSU is the clan for you!

Where did we come from?

I've been playing this game since the Beta, and I've ground every line in the game to Tier IX or above over the course of the last decade - I even got a free T-shirt for getting to Tier X in the Beta if you'd believe it! Back then,there wasn't always a wealth of information about different vehicles and it wasn't always easy, especially so if you're grinding too many vehicles to spend IRL money on credits or converting experience! But, I was in Grad School and I had time, so I spent a lot of time in stock vehicles, not sure which upgrades to pick, not sure what to do but just grinding and grinding. Eventually when I finally got into good Tier X vehicles and wanted to participate in Clan Wars, I joined a few clans over the years with some supportive, excellent people in them. I started to get to play in a few games - it was fun and there were other rewards for being part of those communities like the wisdom and friendship that my clanmates shared. Things were looking good!

But that's about when I got a JOB. I was scheduled to work through all of my Clan Wars time slots. My (competitive) clan had rules about that, and they had to drop me. I joined a "casual" clan. Pretty soon, I got a promotion into a management role and found myself working well over 40 hours, getting phone calls at all hours, the works. Even the casual clan didn't have a permanent spot for me with the new restrictions on my life. What could I do - tell my employer I needed time off daily for a game? Of course not!

So, I started my own clan for myself and a few friends and we have been grinding the stronghold slowly towards better and better clan boosters for YEARS now. It's gotten far enough along that it's high time we invited some more friends onto the crew to share what we've built and to keep on building with us together!

Apply on the Clan Portal!

- Have our own Discord server
- Have a beginner-friendly atmosphere. We want to be part of what helps people fall in love with this awesome game!
- KNOW you have a life, a job, a family, and other interests. We have them, too that's why we made this clan in the first place!
- Provide Learning Resources with from mods to websites to vintage tank manuals with thorough discussion for WoT on Discord
- Provide a job-friendly, family-friendly, supportive environment
- Have long-term experience with WoT, rolling with the balance patches (or just Physics 1.0), and streamlining grinds from stock to stomp. We'll never promise to make you a Unicum, but we're certain we can help you improve your game!
- Run clan XP and credit BOOSTERS (weekends, holidays, prime-time - we know you may not be on normal hours, after all, so we'll use polls to let you weigh in on when you want us to have them up so that we can make them work for everyone)
- Have a non-aggro, people-first approach. Our #1 rule is: "No jerks"!
- Want you to get to grind stylish Clan Digital Camo and other cool Tour-of-Duty (Clan-only cosmetics) rewards in PEACE in a platoon or solo
- Have a community of armour modelling enthusiasts with decades of combined experience! Scale-modelling pics and painting/technique discussion on our Discord!
- Love Warhammer 40K! You're sure to see KV-2 ® in-game and Baneblades in our model pic channel on Discord!
- Speak many languages! English, Japanese, Spanish, German, and then some! Main comms are in English on Discord, but multilingual communication is welcome on our Discord!

- Have any stat requirements. Period.
- Have any participation requirement other than: "Don't leave the game for more than 6 months without giving us a heads-up"
- Insist you play specific hours, times, minimums, etc.
- Tell you to grind specific tanks we "want you to play in CW"
- Make you play CW, for that matter
- Require you to platoon with anyone for any reason at any time. A clan is a community, not an obligation.
- Treat you like WoT is your job
- Buy into stat elitism or WN8 fetishism. We know that cherry-picked statistics are not a good indicator of anything and that insight from data analytics is never as simple as people on the internet would like it to be.

heavymetal1967 #2 Posted Jan 25 2023 - 03:00


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Good luck OP.


Folks take him up on it if for nothing else but the Clan Tour of Duty goodies and clan boosters.



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