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PzKpfw III/IV Equipment

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KarmaRaid #1 Posted Oct 26 2011 - 11:06

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I think I will give the Panzer 3/4 a try. What equipment do you use? Grousers, Coated Optics, Toolbox? Or something other...

MONSTERMAUS #2 Posted Oct 26 2011 - 12:13


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Have the spall liner because you may have to ram stuff.

Orinana #3 Posted Oct 26 2011 - 17:37


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HI Karma Raid

I use the tank as a cash and xp generator..

I am running with latest turret/gun/radio/engine and tracks

Installed on it I have

Coated Optics-in case you need to play scout which tends to happen when your in higheer tiers-It shoots on the move pretty well
Rammer-It shoots fast with out it and this lets you shoot faster

Vent-The added bonus to the crew is great

You could substitute the vent for
Cammo Net for scouting and sniping
Tool Box though it probably wont make much difference
I tried spall liner but the loss of accelaration is significant and speed is armor on this tanks


iadreamer #4 Posted Oct 27 2011 - 20:29


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Rammer, vent, and camo net.  All latest upgrades as soon as available.  Get crew to 100% ASAP.

Basic philosphy -- movement and maneuverability, only stop when hiding, shoot fast and often(don't worry about accuracy rating), don't trade shots.

I used grousers for a while, but took them off.  The added speed was less valuable than other available options.

I find that the gun works best at about 350 meters or less, so never tried Optics.  If you keep this in mind, you'll find the gun much more effective to use.

thehelmsman #5 Posted Nov 06 2011 - 22:43

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Vents for sure, it is by far the single best piece of equipment for the Pz 3/4, and it's cheap, to boot. I also like the Coated Optics. Being able to see (especially on the move) is crucial, and sometimes you're the only one on the team that can effectively scout; that extra view range is a MUST-HAVE in these cases.

The third slot comes down to personal preference, and pretty much anything else that's worth carrying is situational. Personally, most of the time I play my 3/4 as support tank and spend a good deal of time running all over the map to where I think I can be most effective at the time. Mobility is key for me, so I like the Grousers; they are a god-send on some maps, though admittedly they're pretty much useless on others. Some people prefer the Rammer, but if you ask me, the benefit isn't that noticeable when the gun has such a quick reload to begin with. YMMV. Other than that, I can see using either Camo Net or Toolbox in that third slot.


JeanneAlter #6 Posted Nov 07 2011 - 05:45

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Grousers, vents, rammer. The III/IV is a dogfighter and should be played as offensively as possible.

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