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Entwicklung Series Standardpanzer E75

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Kelly_Sereda #521 Posted Feb 10 2017 - 01:48

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Just wanted to add another perspective to this tank.


It is my first T9 heavy, the only other line I've reached T10 so far is German TD.  In fact, the JgpzE100 was my first experience with all around good armour.  Coming from that initiation and learning effective angling, the E75 was a treat.  It had similar armour values, but also a turret and little more mobility.  I felt confident right away that I could tank with the heavies instead of play second line and pick spots with the KT and Tiger.  TBH, after the E75, I knew I'd never play another game in the Tiger I or KT and sold them.


Also coming from a TD background, it took me some time to adjust to the top gun.  Don't spend time being distracted by long distance targets in this when you can be spearheading a charge or shoring up a gap in the line, it's a waste of time and your armour.  If you're already spotted, take a snap shot and keep moving.  The accuracy is fine for picking weak spots at close ranges, but your effectiveness is comparatively poor at distance.  Additionally, I now use gold rounds (loadout 20AP, 8HEAT, 8HE) where I never bothered previously.  When you are front and centre in a push (often), pushing back the enemy heavies requires them to think twice about facing you.  Armour and angling make you a foe to respect for any tank, but base pen is only decent, not generally enough for staring down the tier X heavies.


Suspension/turret are a must.  If you are a player who likes more medium style of play, the engine next will give more flexibility while the KTs top gun is very accurate with decent RoF.  If you want to tank, get the gun.  The KTs 105 doesn't scare heavies with a lot of HP at this tier and you'll lose trading shots, which they will also be braver to try.  I took the gun.


Equipment wise, I chose the Rammer/Vents/Spall Liner.  I compared Spall Liner with GLD, but found arty and HE was a bigger problem than hitting at close range.  Pro-tip: Having a loader with Adrenalin Rush perk along with Spall-liner and your good armour means people switching to HE to finish you often do no damage while your reloads are at their peak.  I have more 'Spartan' badges in this than any other tank so far.


I have now unlocked the E100, but millions of credits short I've chosen to play my way up - this is a tank I'd rather keep than trade in.

Kurg79 #522 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 12:28


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