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Experience score explained with messages

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DudeWhereIsMyTank #1 Posted Nov 23 2011 - 00:52

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I would like to see a line on the top half of the screen that says things like:
"Critical Hit, 250 damage +150 exp points"
"Critical hit 0 damage because module already destroyed"
"Tank spotted +50 points"
"Tank spotted by you hit by player X +70 exp points"
"Enemy hit by splash damage +10 exp"
"Ally hit -50 points"
"Defending hit +75 exp points"

That would give feedback people and some clarity to seemingly random scores.
It will teach people to play better.
You have to be able to turn these messages off if they bother you.

JRod101st #2 Posted Nov 23 2011 - 01:01

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Some of that would be pretty cool but it would feel too much like an arcade game. And you can already see your defending points on the end of battle screen.

sampak #3 Posted Nov 23 2011 - 01:53


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I agree 100%, I don't think it'll make it feel any more arcade like if you can see just what the hell is earning you points, or isn't. I think there's too much obscurity and 'perceived randomness' is the scoring system when I can do absolutely nothing useful in a game (no scouting, no damage) dying in 1 minute, and earn 10000 in my PZ4, and yet I go out of my way to damage and kill off certain heavies and defend our base and cap theirs, and I barely make 16,000 creds with the same tank. Or the experience points that make no sense. I can kill a couple guys doing full damage and cap the base, earning 400 exp, then randomly in another game I die and yet I rake in 600-900 exp...

As MANY, MANY players have mentioned this before, if this was any other game like WoW, or Guildwars or BF3, what have you, you'd see your accomplishments in some form or another and intuitively understand why you got the points you did. In WOT, I feel like I'm doing so exceptionally well, and often times, only to be rewarded with a throw away bone in terms of creds and EXP.

Vivisector999 #4 Posted Nov 23 2011 - 01:59


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While I do agree to some point that it would be handy, I 'm not quite sure they could do it, as I have a feeling there is some math going on in the background after the battle has completed to let you know how well you did.  Wins vs loss.  I have heard you don't get full points for damage unless the tank is destroyed at the end of the battle, which could explain when you hit 7 tanks, get confederate, your team gets rolled and you end up with 56 XP in the end.   Showing points would make the rewards system have to remain linear.  But I could def thumbs up this one.

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