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Going into other lines of tanks?

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Tesla67 #1 Posted Nov 26 2011 - 16:09


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I have been working in the German line of tanks and was wondering if you are wanting to play a tank like an IS-3 etc do you have to start at the very bottom of that line and work up also?

I have worked into Tier 9 tanks on the German side but had seen several tanks from other contries I would like to try but not if I have to spend months to grind all the way up from lvl 1.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank You

Amarak #2 Posted Nov 26 2011 - 16:17

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Yes, either by grinding or use of free experience one must start at the bottom of each tech tree and branch there in. One can not jump to X tier tank in one tree just because they have X tier tank in another tree. Sorry brother.  :Smile_honoring:

fsjd #3 Posted Nov 26 2011 - 16:43


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yea, gotta start from tier one.

enjoy the grinds!
have fun out there

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