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A few quick questions.

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Torigoma #1 Posted Dec 04 2011 - 03:04


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So I've a few quick questions if you all don't mind.

--How do "guilds" or Groups work here? is there any way to Q for a match with a group of people? I Have got the basics down pretty well, but I am not learning much else just winging it.

--Are there any Addons or Mods (or what ever you want to call them) are are good for this game?

--If there is no "guild" type groups here, where can I go to learn some of the more advanced stuff?

iHuntTanks #2 Posted Dec 04 2011 - 03:56

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1) There are platoons that you can start to play with someone else (though you need to pay for a premium account if u want to play with 2 friends) or you could join a clan to learn. some clans have training clans for people who don't have clan wars tanks (tier 8-10)

2) There are hitbox skins that show you where to target enemy tanks (i hate them), and there are mods that show you how much hp your enemy has (you can only see % left with normal game)

3) You can go to the forums and post questions! ;)

Hope this helped! :D

Zakume #3 Posted Dec 04 2011 - 04:05


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1. Well basically you get another chat channel and a tag by your name, other than that there's no "features" for clans other than clan wars. Usually a clan will have a Teamspeak or Ventrilo setup so they can communicate because the in-game one is inadequate. You can also gain gold through your clan if they have gold and distribute it to you.
There is a way to Q with other people, you make a platoon. Free platoons can be up to 2 people total. If you have premium you can Q with up to 3 people total.

2. Yeah, there's tank skin mods, camera mods, a bunch of stuff. Go check out the sub-forum for that stuff.

3. There are clans, just go look in the clan sub-forum for recruiting, although many probably won't recruit until you play a few hundred battles, but it's worth a look.

If you have any questions post them here, that's what this forum is for, helping newcomers.  :Smile_honoring:

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