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Teamwork- a force multiplier

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Magic_Foe1 #1 Posted Dec 08 2011 - 04:11


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Here's a curious experiment. A platoon of 2 tanks, but no Teamspeak or any other communication. Just 2 tanks moving together, and supporting each other.
Prokhorovka, started on the South side. Us two and 2 mediums have gone over the rail tracks, the rest of the team have gone to camp in the forest, with one or two spread in the middle.

There happened to be 6 enemy players crossing over the rail tracks, and into the village. We have lost the two mediums, just us two left. With some coordinated fire, and a few good bounces off the pike nose, we have proceeded to kill off the opposition, one by one. Then, with some support from the forest, proceeded to mop up the rest, camping around their base.

My conclusion, even with no communication, it is possible to play effectively, with 2 players being a much bigger threat than a bunch of uncoordinated ones... This has been told and retold. Everyone knows platoons tend to be more successful. But I have a feeling that if regular players would help their teammates more often, the game would definitely be more enjoyable.

(I may have mixed up some details, was too busy hiding my weak spots and shooting. If you see this, and were in the match, AND I have mixed something up, feel free to correct me :) )

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Viper69 #2 Posted Dec 08 2011 - 04:19


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The IS3 working together is by itself a nasty thing. That is a very fast and powerfully gunned heavy tank. Couple that with you two being the top tier and their top tier were a TD and two mediums. Not discounting your success but the IS3 is very formidable when its top of the list.

Cold_Llama #3 Posted Dec 08 2011 - 04:40


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So? no communication can actually do no more benifit as just back each other up?   :unsure:

Zakume #4 Posted Dec 08 2011 - 14:50


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Yakno they didn't really have any tier 8 hvy tanks to oppose you, and if the mediums can't isolate and surround you because you're working in a pair, it should have that outcome, regardless good job.

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