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(A GUIDE FOR NEWBIES)Tips and headers before you step up on the field.

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hideandseek427 #1 Posted Dec 10 2011 - 03:44

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THIS is for new guys or people who are deeply confused.....
Tip 1 W,A,S,D are your moving keys if youre really lazy press R for cruise control, no holding down W just a and d for turn.

Tip 2 Relying on lock on will get you no experience at all. Try to aim next time I know its really hard getting used to but you will get better aiming.

Tip 3 Always have a plan in mind if your team mates deny the plan its their fault you died cause your team didn't have a plan.

Tip 4 Teasing is for little kids, Man up and stay quiet Let them type while you shoot them.

Tip 5 Always keep with a partner or a small group. Working solo will get you RAPED in battle. trust me.

Tip 6 Flame em slow them down. Shoot your enemy's tracks or their engines. Best way to stop them.

Tip 7 If youre overpowered do not rush into the formation get reinforcements no one is playing hero.

Tip 8 If there are artillery hug a building get close to it so you won't get hit

Tip 9 If you are in need of help(EVER) press F1 its a mini guide.



You like indirect fire and dont like getting hit. Pick Artillery. They do massive damage and no need to face enemy at all.


You like to stay hidden, ambush, snipe. A TD is the one for the job. They are quite invisible behind bushes or trees and do some excellent damage.


You like to be in the front line, you want to take alot of hits without dying try heavy tanks. They will come in handy for Attacking, Defending and they will take most hits.


You want to rush ahead of everybody and want to face a face-full of hell. Get a light tank or scout. They are fast, quick and efficient with artillery giving back up.


You want to be fast and still have a ton of firepower. Medium tanks are your thing. They have OK armor and OK guns. They are great all around tanks.

WARNING**: THE header does not decide what you like it is merely a reference to your taste of tank...THANK YOU

jdtherocker #2 Posted Dec 10 2011 - 03:46


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wrong section mate but a good guide for peeps starting off :)

Wallachia #3 Posted Dec 10 2011 - 03:46


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Moved to Newcomers forum

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