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Incorrect Units

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Hover_Cheese #1 Posted Dec 14 2011 - 22:38


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Units are the letters after numbers which tell you what the numbers mean. Eg 120 kg, this means 120 kilograms.

In recent times, I have been noticing a vast number of incorrect units, and I was surprised to find that this insisious evil appears to have infected Wargaming.
Before beginning the download of the 7.0 update, I looked at it on the download page, and saw that it was 1.26 Gb in size. Initially, I mis-read this, and thoguth that
it said 1.26 GB, i.e. 1.26 giga bytes, but after actually looking at it, I saw that it was 1.26 Gb i.e. giga bits. A byte is 8 bits, so I calculated the size of the update,
in GB, to be 1.26/8=0.1575 GB. Quite reasonable, I thought. Then I opened up the launcher, and saw that it was trying to download 1195.62 MB of data. Logic error.
1195.62 is nowhere close to 157.5. It's an order of magnitude different!. I concluded that when it was written that the file was 1.26 Gb, it was supposed to say 1.26 GB.
Please don't make this mistake again.

On a side not, I have seen packets of polenta, that have 200 gm written on them. This means 200 gram-metres. What does that mean?. Don't get me started on my local newspaper's
use of units pertaining to milk.(kg/ms^2)

Ironmonger69 #2 Posted Dec 14 2011 - 22:44


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View PostHover_Cheese, on Dec 14 2011 - 22:38, said:


On a side note


PTwr #3 Posted Dec 14 2011 - 22:50


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Heh. GB is incorrect suffix. Correct one is GiB. Sounds weird but thats the way it is.

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