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Yet another Tiger review

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__SNIPER__74 #1 Posted Sep 02 2010 - 20:16


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Well, don't real like writing anything lengthy.

But for the first weeks I didn't play anything German, not even the loltracktor. I'm talking about 2,000+ battles all Soviet.  I went and got an IS-3, T-44, and Su-100. I like every vehicle in each tree (even the KV with the  107mm on the clown turret, even the  T-28 for it's speed/57mm), except perhaps the Su 100 which I didn't care for when I lost the 107mm to get an inferior weapon (I think it's better than the 122s).

So out of all, I probably enjoyed the IS the most. Good mobility, not that heavy, "OK" armor but the 100mm with full crew and gun laying drive/rammer was a fun vehicle. Could make credits with it even on non premium.

Ok,,, so I started going down German heavy line within the last week.  I didn't care for the early Panzers, the III, the IV, or even the VK36  at first. Though I eventually grew fond if it using the standard turret with the first traverse and the 10.5cm gum for HE spamming.

So I got the Pz VIe. I must admit that I never used a "stock" Tiger, because I had enough free XP and money to get the new turret and suspension immediately, and I already had the Third engine researched along with every gun except the KwK 43.

So I break it down as follows


-The armor doesn't really stop much. I rarely here the "pings" of shots being deflected off me. It will give trouble to the weapons of vehicles perhaps under tier V but even then, not reliably.
-the Hitpoints  are what keep you alive and doing damage (and contribute to that high repair cost). 1450 is a lot, that's only one good hit less than a Tiger II's hit points.
-I didn't find any real  problem with module damage or ammo explosions so far, I don't feel like it was bugged, but perhaps 75 battles isn't enough to determine.


- It feels rather underpowered until you get the last 900+hp engine. I don't really expect much from the 30kph speed limit but it felt like it took a while getting there at first. The last engine helps a bit. However this vehicle certainly feels "heavy", more so than my IS.


-The 88 Kwk 36 is just a poor weapon. Very accurate, good reload, but  It bounces too many rounds off of too many targets to be useful. Having to "circle strafe" a 3002DB by tracking it because I couldn't penetrate his front armor was depressing.  I preferred to use the 10.5cm with HE rounds until I researched the KwK 43.

-the 88 Kwk 43 is pure sex. Favorite weapon so far except maybe the Soviet 107mm. Penetrates every target reliably from any angle/position except the tier IX/X stuff. The ammo cost low, very accurate,.... Tiger not worth using without it.


-The cost of it's best ammo (non premium) is very reasonable, unlike the IS and it's 1,000c shells for the 122.
-The repair costs seem a bit high, but that's alright I guess.
-Even on premium a bad game will cost you, if you die without doing some damage you might lose 3/5k credits.

Overall impression? FUN.
I'm not sure I'd say it's better than the IS, but I for sure won't say the IS is better. They are different. The Tiger does better at long range engagements with it's guns, the IS is better up close in urban environments.  On perhaps 4 hours of premium play I made 300k on premium, and had a blast doing it. I honestly can't understand the hate this thing has been receiving.  I will certainly be getting one on release and keeping it.

Paavopesusieni #2 Posted Sep 02 2010 - 20:22


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Glad to hear that they fixed the module damage  :)

S1egetank #3 Posted Sep 02 2010 - 20:31


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I wasn't sure if i wanted to stick with the VK3601 or get the tiger which do you think is more versatile, I can make 5-10K profit a game as long as i don't get screwed in the VK

Sakuzhi #4 Posted Sep 02 2010 - 23:55

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I pulled this off of the russian forums.

Posted Today, 09:38

"Громкий чих наводчика повредил орудие. Стрельба невозможна." "A loud sneeze gunner damaged gun. Shooting is not possible."
"Сильный порыв ветра уничтожил поворотный механизм башни." "A strong gust of wind destroyed the turning mechanism of the tower."
"Злобный взгляд из вражеского танка. Критическое повреждение двигателя. Движение невозможно." "The evil eye of the enemy tank. The critical engine failure. The movement is impossible."
"Заряжающий пролил горячее кофе. Кофе привело ко взрыву боеукладки." "Charging spilled hot coffee. Coffee led to an explosion combat pack."
"Столкновение с пылью. Приборы наблюдения уничтожены." "Collision with dust. Observation destroyed."

gotta love the translations :P

...They haven't fixed it.

Skwabie #5 Posted Sep 03 2010 - 00:49


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Yes it is FUN when you know how to use it. Stay back or advance at pace, don't be left alone, be patient ... etc.
I actually got back the tiger when everyone went for IS-4s and stuff after the wipe.

But!!!!!.........(check various other threads.....)

timer67 #6 Posted Sep 03 2010 - 04:58


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Hello thar, New tiger driver (post patch) coming to give his two pence on the module daamage...

Fire was the first thing i prepared for, I got a 100% crew of which 4 were fire fighters.. this eliminated the fire problem entirely for me..

Track and ammo damage is the only problem for me now, A meer snag on a ISU152, or a single arty hit can break both tracks off.. and sometimes remove in excess of 4 modules at a time.. (the worst i've had was ammo, suspension, both tracks and my main gun + turret all red)

Ashrafoni #7 Posted Sep 04 2010 - 03:38


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I've been playing with Pzkpfw VI Tiger for 2 days now and here is what i think :

- Fighting with the tank : The tank is not as bad as people say, i mainly defend our base from attackers and the tank helps me with it's gun that penetrate almost everything (i was even able to do 10-15% on IS-7 but didn't penetrate the MAUS so far) and it's strong front armor (also note 1 of every 6 or 7 shots has to hit my engine lol ...) but whenever i try to rush it ends up with me being destroyed to to everyone trying to shoot me first due to the easiness of shooting a Tiger's weak spot (mainly the sides of the tank).

- Making money with it : Defending = destroying 1-3 tanks a game avoid paying repairs so you can make hell a lot of money , with Premium in a game yesterday i made 55k credit in a single game, but when u rush you pay 10-12k repairs so you make a lot less money and some times you lose it (Repairs + Shells).

Overall it's not that bad your driving a tank with a huge HP pool and a fair amount of armor and a good gun, the tank is slow as fuck wich make it an easy target for artillery and also it's engine and ammo rack are vulnerable and kinda easy to hit but you don't really have to put yourself in that situation.

shashaveli #8 Posted Sep 04 2010 - 15:40


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What you have to do with the Tiger is focus. You can actually afford to take hits with a Tiger tank which is a great improvement from my papiermache T-34, you have a god damn sniper rifle for a cannon - I've hit folks from the other side of the map quite often - doing it to the enemy arty is just plain trolling(and I love it). Now what's important - is to know when to engage and when to sit back and snipe. This one takes some time to get used to, but its the key to earning money with the Tiger.

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