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"user details"

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jeebers34 #1 Posted Dec 18 2011 - 04:13

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This is a small thing that I have noticed that has popped up since 7.0. When you right click on a tank within the scrollbar the context menu pops up, with the first option being "User Detail", when infact it leads to information about the tank in question. IMHO this label should be "Vehicle Details" or something similar, rather then "User Deatails".

*Edit* Changing this small thing around would also make it more consistent with other sections of the interface, for example when you right click on a tank from the tech tree it comes up with "Vehicle Details". Oh and why on Earth would someone negative rep me for pointing out a localisation/translation error?  :blink:  *end edit*

Hypnotik #2 Posted Jan 03 2012 - 03:26

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Just caught this one myself, and came on to post it, you beat me to it.

To illustrate to devs:
Posted Image

The_Dutch_Oven #3 Posted Jan 05 2012 - 15:35


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Maybe the devs are trying to slowly drive us insane with the little errors? little by little, we go insane from these odd little disrepencies and glitches, until we go insane and start buying gold bbye the truckload? I am kidding, but this is odd. I just give it a millisecond of consideration, then just go "Meh". ;)

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