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Stats on Who Killed Who

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Guest_Gryphon__* #1 Posted Dec 19 2011 - 19:52

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Post game, apart from watching the replay, is there any way I can see who killed who, what the killer was driving, and maybe even the ammo type used, etc?

you know how it is when you get one-shotted and dont even get told who shot you... and did all that damage

Saga #2 Posted Dec 19 2011 - 19:59


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There's a link in one of my profile posts that will generate more information for you, but I don't think it will do specifically what you ask.  I don't think that's possible.

Additional Stats:

Very informative.  Will give a better idea of who is killing (tank-wise) and how much damage you are taking in total, etc.

Ironmonger69 #3 Posted Dec 19 2011 - 19:59


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The post battle screen does tell you who killed you, but thats all.

AsianRanger98 #4 Posted Dec 19 2011 - 20:00


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You can see who you detected, damaged, and killed, but as of 7.0 you cannot see what type of ammo your killer was using. On the side and the bottom it will say something like "This tank was killed by a [AsianRanger98] shot. You can then check the list of players and see what exactly your killer killed you with. Hope this was helpful! :)

MastaBlasta #5 Posted Dec 19 2011 - 20:30

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when you take damage in game just look at the bottom middle of your screen.  Game will stat what module was damaged and by who.  So if you are one shot look down there and you will most likely see 'ammo rack damaged by So and So' then you will also see tank killed by too.  Sometimes in the flow of the game you think you got hit once but when you refer down to those messages you learn you got hit twice nearly simultaniously by different enemies... or possibly alies.    :Smile_honoring:

EDIT:: looks like Asian and I were answering at same time  :)

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