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Best Arty Line?

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Poll: Best Arty Line? (67 members have cast votes)

Which is the best Arty line?

  1. Soviet (20 votes [29.85%])

    Percentage of vote: 29.85%

  2. American (22 votes [32.84%])

    Percentage of vote: 32.84%

  3. German (25 votes [37.31%])

    Percentage of vote: 37.31%

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sixrocket #1 Posted Jan 22 2012 - 21:09

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So I bought back my grille after selling it around 6 months ago and wow, its even more inaccurate then I remembered? Are the American/Soviet arty lines any more accurate then the german line, because I really want an arty that can make at least a quarter of its shots.

Eutro #2 Posted Jan 22 2012 - 21:11

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Amwericans have the splash dmg and radius, Russians have raw dmg when you hit, Germans have the best accuracy, except the Obj 261, which has near pin-point accuracy

ForcestormX #3 Posted Jan 22 2012 - 21:12


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Depending on the tier. Hummel is as accurate as the M41, GW Panther is the most accurate at its tier, GW Tiger is meh and Type E is inferior to the 261 on accuracy

platinumfish #4 Posted Jan 22 2012 - 21:15


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i like russian :)

777pwner #5 Posted Jan 22 2012 - 21:16

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I believe the Russian line is more accurate while the American line has more damage while the German is somewhere in between the two.

Superspeed007 #6 Posted Jan 22 2012 - 21:18


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i've gotten to the point were i love accuracy, my 261 is around a 57% hit ratio right now, a really fun arty, and it is very mobile when you need it

commander3 #7 Posted Jan 22 2012 - 21:44

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USSR is most aceracy USA is DAMAGER!!! GERMANY is a medeum of both  :Smile_honoring:

Dominatus #8 Posted Jan 22 2012 - 23:50


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It changes a lot for arty. At the end-game though, USSR is most accurate, USA is most powerful, and Germany is a mix.

One aspect that doesn't really change at all is that USSR generally fires at 45 degrees, meaning the longest travel time but also the ability to hit targets that are behind cover, and for more damage due to hitting top armour. Germany gets mostly flat trajectories on the other hand.

SuperiorBeen #9 Posted Feb 04 2012 - 18:30

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Not the US one that's for sure. German is a good line. GWPanther is the most accurate arty in the game and GWTiger E has a good combo of damage, accuracy and ROF. The most accurate arties at tier 7 and 8 are the Russian ones. On the other side the US T92 is very agile and when it hits it can 1 shoot tier 9 tanks or splash for 900+ damage. I've had matches when I splashed 3-4 tanks at once but also matches when I miss almost every hit.

DraconX3 #10 Posted Feb 05 2012 - 18:59


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What about the angle of fire? Ive been trying to figure that one out forever. Who has the general highest angle of fire out of Arty. Allowing them to hit behind cover fairly well.  Ive heard american, but honestly it seems Russian line might be more so. I totally know its not German lol, im up to the hummel there.

NTRabbit #11 Posted Feb 05 2012 - 23:34

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American line is the best line.

It has the best tier 5 in the M41, the second best tier 6 in the M12 (after the GW Panther), the flat out best arty in the game in the M40/M43 at tier 7, and at tier 8 all that T92 splash damage is at the very least great for trolling heavy tanks who think they're in cover.

The Soviet line is probably the worst line, the only highlights being the Su-26 at tier 3, the decent Object 212 at tier 7, and the Object 261 is still debatable.

Angle of fire and accuracy change from unit to unit and tier to tier, in general the Soviet and American artillery trade places for highest angle of fire, but the American arty blow all but the Su-26 and GW Panther away when it comes to gun traverse angle.

Oh, and contrary to what some have said, American artillery is either the most accurate, or equal most accurate at every tier except 6 and 8

Panzer4life #12 Posted Feb 06 2012 - 02:25

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You really can't judge them based on the Tier 8 artillery.

Personally my vote goes for the Americans. They have wide gun sweep. High-ish rate of fire, fast tank speed, and good accuracy. Every artillery in their line felt like a better version of the tank before it and not like a completely new tank. The M41 and the M40/M43 in particular are great all purpose artillery. Plus, if we include the tier 8 ones the Americans get the T92, which we use in clan wars to devastating effect for counter battery and general tank ruining.

Sparater #13 Posted Feb 10 2012 - 01:54


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View PostEutro, on Jan 22 2012 - 21:11, said:

Amwericans have the splash dmg and radius, Russians have raw dmg when you hit, Germans have the best accuracy, except the Obj 261, which has near pin-point accuracy

Germans = best accuracy? Fail

I have a whopping 34% hit ratio averaged for my tier 3-6 german arty, while I have around 50% on my American arty.

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