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Best Tier II and Tier III Tanks/Arty/TD's

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TIGERSHARK715 #1 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 16:43

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5500 battles to my credit now...  Grinding my way thru Tier 7 - 8's   (just spent 4x days getting 150,000+ exp in T29)

Anyway,  its nice to tier down to the lower levels and play... tho now with 90+ crews.. Cammo Binos.. ect..

Ive really enjoyed the way they have improved the Autocannon and Machineguns...

So ive toyed around with the T2 Light tank w/ .50 cal machine gun (FUN)

Luchs, decked out with (20mm flack gun)

D1 with 13mm Hotchkiss...   Only really fun if your top tier...  (82 sharpshooter record) lol...

Ive also toyed with PzIII, T82, and thinking of maxing out a low tier Arty... (maybe)

But my Fav of all seems to be my Marder II  TD   with  Crew 100% w/ 50% cammo...    Cammo net Binos and optics.    Even if im lowest tier in the match i usualy get 1-2 kills per game.

So whats your FAV lower tier or Tank that youve "tricked out" ?

ScionVyse #2 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 16:48


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While I've not "tricked it out" per se (crew's not even at 100% yet), I really love my T-26. That thing is a death machine. I've gotten 4 top guns on it so far, and I've only played 68 matches in it. I really should play it more, because I can only imagine how deadly it'd be with max crew and some equipment.  :lol:

ginsinghunter #3 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 16:56

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I play t2,3,4's alot cause they are real fun i have the t2lt,t57 arty which is really acturate for its tier, my all time fav low tier tank has got to be the t2mt hated the t3agusv grinding the pz3 and 4 now once they are tricked out i hope they'll be lots of fun in thier tier class..

Kim_Dong_Un #4 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 17:14


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my favorite tank is either a t82 with the 105mm, or a t1 cunningham. 400+ battles in the cunningham, 14 top guns, loved it. just cant seem to use it as effectively with the new clip system  <_<

GenericSoldier #5 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 17:22


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the panzer ll will always have a special place in my heart simply because I love it historically and in the game its absolutely wonderful.

it has my best game with 7kills, never been able to get over 6 from then on :l

KilljoyCutter #6 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 17:38


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T57, 100% crew, loaded out.  Love it.

False_Fable #7 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 18:08

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I use the Tetrarch and Locust for run-n-gun, and the Pz38(t) for a more cautious, sniping tank. The Tet and the Locust have vents and liner. The 38(t) has vents, net, and binocs.

I tried the T82 but was put out by its 13/7/13 armor. I've heard great things about the Marder and may try it - I also have fond memories of the M2 MT with the 75mm derp and I might rebuy that.

warrends #8 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 18:29


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T-127. Tier 3. Yes, it is premium and I got it free from some promo a while ago. But it's got my best battle kill record (8) and probably my best kills/battle ratio (close to 1.5 to 1). Not as fast as some of the other little lights at that level, but I've learned to live with everyone else scouting the way forward and me just doing the big gunning. Mount my camo net, binocs and toolbox (just 'cause I can) and off I go. Crew is close to max, so it is just getting better and better every battle.

Then I just have to decide if I want to keep the tank and play it and level the crew, or get rid of the tank and transfer the 100%+ crew to a different Russian tank later on. But she is a fun little tank.

BTW, 4200 battles, and yes it is fun to back to the beginnings/basics sometimes. Much faster pace too, as my Patton and M40/M43 and such, as much as I love them, I don't generally get to fire 20 rounds every minute at 5 different simultaneous targets.

TalonV #9 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 19:02


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Tier 3, i own all premiums. Love them all cause all three of them have different qualities.

M22 locust, run and gun. It is damn good at it.

T-15, this is a sneak in, find arty and wait for gunfire to come in. Plus base it has 400m view range and 900m signal so this was meant to go find the enemy and report back. Only thing that sucks about the tank is the gun, but it's alright.

T-127, may as well call this little badboy a medium rather than a light. Till the amx-38 came out had the highest armor rating for a tier 3.  This thing will stop rounds.  I love the guys with auto guns come up to me and all it does is go TING TING TING while my 47mm gun blows them to pieces.

Tier 4, loved my Leopard, should go back and re buy it.

Arty, i did love the m37 and the preist. Both had a decent gun for it's tier and they could reach out and touch people with the upgraded gun.

So i go play tier 3s all the time, it's always nice to step back and have fun.

Hellgrunt #10 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 19:16

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I love playing with my Elite M2-light tank because, There no match maker problem, Only see arty in less than half the battles and there not ruining the match, All tanks are pretty much equal, Games are quick paced fast and fun, There's actually more team work at these tiers, Most low tier matches are full of Vets not noobs. After grinding through my tier IX and X's this makes for a great stress reliever,

SchrodingersCake #11 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 19:37


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Catapult #12 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 20:33

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View PostSchrodingersCake, on Jan 28 2012 - 19:37, said:

Knows what he is talking about

aviriorix #13 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 21:03


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T2 LT is absolutely my favorite fun tank. The auto canon is just deadly quick, enough that I can burst all the t1s and some t2s down from 100%. If you can find a place to reload you cask easily waste low tiers

Aziz_Light #14 Posted Jan 28 2012 - 22:10

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SU-76 with the 57mm ZiS-2. (100% camo crew, rammer, binocs, camo net. I'm saving my secondary points for the next batch of skills.) Most of my Top Guns come when I'm bottom-three, for some odd reason. =) And that's where I love to be with it. It's just a relentless little nibbler that can penetrate the heavies it runs up against and can quickly polish off any half-dead units blundering around.

It does have a serious HE allergy, but I do get warm fuzzies when a KV-2 decides I'm worth a 152mm shell.

Elepole #15 Posted Jan 29 2012 - 00:24


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T82 and T2 light tank are definitely my fav low tier tank. The T82 is a troll, he have the biggest gun ever on the smallest td ever. He have a HUGE view range (better than the T34, go figure) a good camo value, AND, because it wasn't enough, a good speed. With that i've been trollderping at long range, at medium range, a short range. It can go fast enough to flank someone and derp his ass, it have enough camo and view range to ambush anything and derp them before they see it. It's the best TD (Troll-Dealer) of the game.

The T2 ? well, it's a little AMX 13 90, just faster !

Cantankerous61 #16 Posted Jan 29 2012 - 00:27

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Marder II...Love it

Though slower rate of fire it's pretty close to being the easy 8 gun on a tier 3 TD.

Dominatus #17 Posted Jan 29 2012 - 00:29


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I find the M2 light the best tier 2 tank. Enough armour to bounce autocannons, great weapon selection, fast.

The 37mm is a great wepon (not the best I think, but gets the job done well), and the .50cal is just pure fun.

BigPone #18 Posted Jan 29 2012 - 00:50

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I play every tier every day pretty much and i really enjoy the lower tiers as much as the higher and middle tiers. I play the Renault and loltractor at 1 and the 735F and H35 at 2 but have also started playing the T57 which I have rather taking a liking too. At T3 I have mostly been playing the AMX38 lately.

Jesse_the_Scout #19 Posted Jan 29 2012 - 01:53


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Tier II:

T18 (Fast, accurate, powerful gun and a whopping 53mm armor in front... pretty agile little guy too)
Panzer II (Dunno exactly why, it just kills and kills)
Tetrarch (Stressful to play cause things get crazy, but a mean little tank)

Tier III:

Marder II (Brutal gun and decent front armor)
T2 MT (Nothing stands out, just a very versatile, well rounded tank)
T-127 (Awesome armor and HPs, solid everywhere else)
Locust (Tetrarch + 1)

I really prefer lower tiers, with III being the best. Spread on III seems to be 2 below you, 2 above you, nice and clean. Once you hit IV and up you start getting thrown to the wolves every few battles with tanks 3 or even 4 tiers above you.

ForeverN00b #20 Posted Jan 29 2012 - 03:57


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I have over 500 battles in my Marder II, it is my stress reliever when my high tier tanks are giving me attitude.  I also like the Pz38H and cunningham for low tier fast battles.  Im grinding through the su-76 right now and it is decent. The Marder has way wider turret traverse than the su-76 (in fact the most I have seen in any non-turreted TD), and its DPM and pen are comparable to the su-76.  For me the Marder II is my all time favorite (low tier)

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