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How does one Scout/Spot Enemies?

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Allred7 #1 Posted Jan 31 2012 - 01:03


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Game guides talk about light tanks and beginners role in "scouting" or "spotting" enemy units.  Does this mean just charging ahead until the red vehicle markers start showing up?  Do they "light up" just when they move or fire at me?  Or do I have to send map co-ordinates via the chat line?  (Seems like enemies "light up" when they shoot at me, and being in a low tier light tank, I usually get destroyed real soon).  

Is there something to "scouting" I'm not aware of ????

I want to contribute to team but sure wonder about high mortality of scouting as I practice it!      :o



paradat #2 Posted Jan 31 2012 - 01:05


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Enemy vehicle needs to be with in your view range. Simply that.

You get the "scout" credit for it if they have not been spotted before.

sean2323 #3 Posted Jan 31 2012 - 01:29


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You just need to pray your commander is not blind. (NOTE, IF YOUR COMMANDER IS UNDER 70%, HE IS BLIND.)

johndart49 #4 Posted Jan 31 2012 - 01:34


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this is a quote:
Basically, there are two types of scouts. Suicide Scouts, and Bush Scouts. All scouts need good motors, radios, and view range (turret's) before they need good guns, so research and buy them first.

Suicide Scout:
The Suicide Scout's main objective is to kill enemy arty. A bonus of this activity is spotting most of the enemy tanks, and slowing their advance (because they will try to deal with you). The M5 (Big Stu) is pretty good at this because it doesn't loose much speed while turning, and the Howie can put some pretty big holes in enemy arty. The key to being a good Suicide Scout, is to keep moving at all times. And not just in one direction; ABT, Always Be Turning. If the enemy can't predict where you are going to be, they can't hit you. Weave behind cover and hills as much as possible. If you can afford coated optics, you should get them if you are planing to play a suicide scout, because you will never stop long enough to use camo net's or binoc's. Coated Optics are expensive and can't be dismounted without gold, so most people wait until their Tier 5 scout before they buy them.

When the match starts, let your arty know you are going to be trying to find their arty, then give them a moment to get into place. The best suicide scouts tend to wait a minute before they rush in. This gives the arty a chance to setup (yours and theirs), and it means fewer tanks in their on their back lines to shoot at you while you are killing their arty. Don't feel bad if you die.

I've had the most fun as a suicide scout, especially when working in a platoon with a friend.

Bush Scout:
The Bush Scout is the opposite of the Suicide Scout. The primary objective of the Bush Scout is to keep eyes on the enemy so that your TD's and HT's can engage them from outside of their visual range. This is a much much harder job then Suicide Scouting, but it can be much more rewarding, especially in the higher tier matches. To be a successful Bush Scout, you need to know the map's very well. You need to know where tanks tend to clash so that you can get there before hand, and get eyes on the enemies early. Ideally, you will be 50+ meters in front of your main force, and about 200-300 meters from the enemy forces, sitting behind a bush and keeping eyes on the enemy for your TD's.

High stealth and visual range are a must for this job. Bush scouting can work really well in low tier matches (III or IV) if you use binoc's with a M3 (Little Stu), Luchs, or especially a T-15. Don't bother with a BT-2/7's because their visual range is terrible. For mid/high tier matches, having 100% crew with a bunch of camo skill helps tremendously. Obviously a camo net is a must. The best tank for this, in my opinion, is the Chaffee. The Chaffee is the only scout that can max it's visual range with just coated optics (after you've upgraded the turret). If you aren't using the Chaffee (or haven't upgraded it's turret yet), you are going to want to use binoc's. If you do you're job right, and you cross your fingers, no one will shoot at you and you will shoot at no one. It can be a bit boring, but it tend's to be a game changing tactic.

Before the match, ask your best TD's where they are going to be, and move into position to provide eyes for them asap.

Anyway, those are my suggestions. You can play a Big Stu either way. Please note, this is all off the top of my head, so if anyone has anything to add, please feel free.

megacheese #5 Posted Jan 31 2012 - 06:36


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As others have mentioned above, you spot an enemy by having them enter your view range. There are two basic things to remember in scouting.

First, view range. This is pretty straight forward; it is determined by your tank's spotting range and your commander's skill level.

Secondly, camouflage rating. Camouflage rating reduces enemy tanks ability to spot you, is determined  by tank type and size - TD's and lights get the best camo ratings, as well as how far you have leveled the secondary crew skill in camouflage. In game, bushes can give your tank a camouflage boost. Moving or firing will lower your tank's camo rating for the duration of that action.

Generally speaking, there is no need to type in coordinates via chat, as long as you have a good enough radio in your tank. If your tank has a short radio range, you could simply ping the map (ONCE!) and name the enemy tank you spotted.

Now, on the to the role of a good scout. Your primary role is two-fold:

First, to detect enemy targets so that the bigger guns on your team can engage and destroy them, while staying alive and undetected yourself. As easy and innocuous as this may sound, this is an absolutely CRUCIAL role that can make or break a game. Ever played a game where half your team was destroyed within the first minute by a hail of fire from invisible assailants before even getting a chance to move far from the starting area? That was a good player in a scout tank lighting you all up while his team remained out of your teams' spotting range. Allowing your team to fire on the enemy without fear of retaliation is the hallmark of an effective scout. Use your small size, speed, bushes and other terrain features to prolong your survival and effectiveness.

Second, to exploit any holes in the enemy defensive line, infiltrate their rear areas, and destroy vulnerable enemy artillery. An extremely perilous task, as this means weaving your way past the entire enemy team, it is also very rewarding. Best done after both sides are locked in pitched battle, and the enemy is too distracted to notice you sneaking past their defenses. Tank destroyers, if caught alone, can also be targets of opportunity. Track them and blast them from the rear, or call in friendly artillery if they have armor too thick for you to handle.

Of course, this is just a general guide. Several scout tanks have specialties within their own niches, such as the 3 different tier 5 "super scouts". All you need to remember is that although you might be diminutive in size and lowly placed in your team line-up, you are never useless. Stay alive, spot for your team, annoy the hell out of enemy and sell yourself dearly. :Smile-izmena:

bestman22 #6 Posted Jan 31 2012 - 06:56


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here would be an example of bush scouting... most maps have spots you know will be high traffic you can do this from... just have to be quick and unseen getting there.

Allred7 #7 Posted Jan 31 2012 - 19:06


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Thanks to all.  I believe I have a much better grasp on the concept of scouting now.

And extra thanks to bestman22 for the replay!  It was very helpful.


"Noobie"  Allred7

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