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WWII Walking Tanks

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BillyJoeBob #1 Posted Feb 05 2012 - 02:36


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I've had a bit of a hobby making up walkers and I've wanted to see a game where you have mechs in WWII however nonsensical it sounds. Psst, Wargaming you hear me on this? :P Anyhow I go into detail on the components of each trying to use engines and weaponry that the era actually had. I don't claim to be an expert on the parts, I just use them for fluff. My friend had ideas for this kind of choose your adventure story and it got me started on these but I kept doing these for fun after that idea kind of petered out.

I'm going to post my long winded descriptions for each tank, blueprint or not and see what people think of the ideas.

In order of blueprinted ones:
UK Walker
Vickers Walker 28 tonne

18 feet tall. Pilot is in braced standing position, pictured like "sitting while standing up." Pilot is located in torso of machine with a nearly 180 degree semicircle viewport. Helmet has mechanical linkage set to electromechanical computer similar to early torpedo guidance calculators so the pilot can aim the gun by simply turning ones' head similar to the gunner on modern attack helicopters. Said computer is used to turn 40mm semi-automatic gun in turret on top of body.  Right arm has twin Besa machine guns on each side of arm belt fed from two long box magazines containing 500 rounds a piece. Left arm has three piece manipulator claw in case the vehicle tips or objects need to be moved.

Unit is powered by Bedford 350 horsepower engine, located on the lower back. Fuel tank is mounted on back above engine. Compact setup can make engine fires more hazardous due to fuel location. Later models include automatic fire suppression due to difficulty in ditching vehicle in emergencies.
Arm armor is approximately 40mm, leg armor 45mm. Torso/cockpit armor 80mm, rear torso armor 65mm, turret armor 50mm.
This was my first one with shamelessly ripped off Battletech limbs, it's also the first one I wrote a description for. It's intended to be a pre-WWII walker much like the various cruiser tanks for the UK.

SB-1 (Semyon Budyonny)

Heavy Halftrack walker
Designed in 1935 as the USSR’s first walking tank. Walker is split into two segments. Rear segment consists of two tracks and rear facing turret. Fore section is attached via vertical drive shaft that allows the tracked and walking sections to pivot to turn.. Tracks provide traction while legs allow unit to crawl over more difficult objects. Forward section houses majority of crew.
Crew consists of Driver, Commander, Radioman, Machinist, three gunners in fore section, one in rear section. Two loaders for fore turret, two more for single 45mm casemate and single loader for rear turret.

Armament consists of 107mm M1940 M-60 gun in turret on top of fore section, facing forward. Tracked segment houses 107mm M1940 M-60 facing rear. Fore section also contains two 45mm 20K mod. 1932 tank guns, one on each side in casemates. Radioman has single DT machine gun mounted on front of fighting compartment. Both turrets contain a single DShK 12.7mm machine gun.

Walker is powered by twin V-12 petrol Mikulin M-17M 500 horsepower engines, allowing for power to hydraulics and tracked transmission.

I never quite got this design down how I liked it. It's supposed to have a joint between the tracks and legged section that allows it to turn with the rear tracks pivoting so it can turn itself with its front legs. The idea is that its the USSR's first walker and they haven't managed to get it stand up straight so they gave it tracks to compensate while having legs would allow it to move over rougher terrain.

Stampfendenpanzerkampfwagen  (Stpzkfw) VII Mammutjager

Four legged heavy walker destroyer. Manufactured by Maschinenfabrik Niedersachsen-Hannover (MNH). Powered by two GT 101 kerosene gas turbine engines producing 3750 horsepower each with 2600 used to drive compressors, leaving 1150 available to the transmission for a total of 2300 available horsepower which is a significant size reduction and horsepower boost over the Daimler Benz MB 501 2000 horsepower naval engine. Armament is 15cm KwK 44 L/64 gun. Frontal hull armor is 320mm while lower front plate is 260mm. Antiaircraft armament consists of 2x 20mm Flak 38 cannons, with the ability to angle downwards to attack infantry approaching the walker.

This one is my favorite one I've conceptualized and the one I've poured the most time into and I think it shows.

Now for the walkers I've not blueprinted but have descriptions for. If people could comment on these too that would be nice.

Walker, Infantry, Coventry ( A28 )

Manufactured by English Electric.
Directed Tesla weaponry.
Quad legged walker. Rubberized feet and “ankles” as to not be grounded.
Vehicle is powered by twin Rolls-Royce Meteor 600 horsepower engines. Energizing Tesla coil requires vehicle to stop movement. Engines are shifted to second driveshaft to power generators.Entirety of vehicle roof is covered in Bakelite plastic coated with Polytetraflouroethylene (Teflon) due to both having excellent dielectric properties. Other prominent areas are also coated with the Bakelite/Teflon combination to block Tesla coil from arcing to vehicle. Field repairs to damaged Bakelite are carried out by cutting the damaged section off and cutting off a section of a fresh piece in the repair kit. Plastic is applied after coating with birdlime adhesive.
Tesla coil is directed by torus of aluminium coated with Teflon. Aluminium torus covers ¾ of tesla coil and can be rotated 45 degrees side to side from the front of the vehicle. Tesla coil is highly effective as an anti-infantry weapon. Electrical discharges are also effective against armored vehicles by electrocuting crewmen. In some cases the electrical discharges can cause ammunition in vehicles to cook off, destroying the target. Walker is also equipped with a single Ordanance QF 6 pounder 57mm gun, mounted on the front of the hull,  for longer distance anti-armor and single Besa machine gun.
Eyewitnesses to attacks conducted by the Coventry A28 have reported that the high pitched whining sound produced by the generators and transformers when energizing Tesla coil shatter enemy morale, causing them to break formation and retreat.


M11 Medium Infantry Support Walker

20 feet tall. Three legged movement. Two arm mounted guns, gun is mounted on "elbow" joint allowing wide range of movement.

Crew consists of commander,radioman, driver, three gunners, three loaders.

Driver and commander sit near the "head" of the walker for wide range of view for navigation and best vantage point for commander's spotting.
Arm gunners and loaders sit to the left and right of the torso to man each gun mounted on arm.

Walker is powered by 470 horsepower Chrysler A57 engine.
Armament consists of of casemate mounted 105mm M2A1 howitzer, HE ammunition.
Each arm of unit has 37mm burst fire autocannon. Ammunition is loaded inside crew area. Crew loads 5 round link of shells similar to anti-aircraft gun boxes. Loading system pulls link into arm and loads gun. Browning M1919A4 .30 cal affixed alongside both 37mm guns. Twin .30 cal in torso fired by radioman.
Stampfendenpanzerkampfwagen (Stpzkfw) IV Fliegerpanzer

Short range flight capable bipedal scout walker
11 feet tall. Walker has maximum of 7mm of armor to save weight. Single crewman. Walker is equipped with FuG spr.1 radio for scouting purposes. Walker is powered by Maybach HL230 592 horsepower engine. Armament consists of twin 2cm kwk 38 autocannons in limited movement right arm. Left arm has no manipulator and only serves as self righter in case of poor landing. Flight, or rather short duration hops is provided by four HWK 109-509 C1  liquid fueled rockets, producing 4400 lbf in the main chamber, with 880 lbf produced in secondary chamber, with a total combined output of 21,120 lb/f. Rockets are in a fixed position with graphite vanes attached to exhaust to adjust direction. Pilot has secondary pair of control sticks to direct vanes. Flight is achieved by pulling the control vanes backwards and igniting engines to lift the walker vertically. Slowly adjusting the vanes forward will move the walker forward in the air. The torso behind the pilot is equipped with a gyro-stabilizer with counterweights to help correct the flight of the walker. C-stoff and T-stoff tanks are located externally on the back above the engines, on slanted armor to deflect an explosion if tanks are ruptured. Compressed nitrogen used for driving turbopump can be rapidly expelled to jettison C/T-stoff tanks if the walker comes under fire in an attempt to prevent fuel ruptures.

Now the Fliegerpanzer is a strange one. I was determined to see what kind of thrust to weight would possibly make something that could have jump-jets and this is the result. It'll probably be a horrific death trap considering it has two huge tanks of C/T stoff, aka the fuel ME-163's used.

Metalsand #2 Posted Feb 05 2012 - 02:55

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There's a reason it's called World of Tanks.

FreeFOXMIKE #3 Posted Feb 05 2012 - 02:59


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a tank dose not have to be tracked they even have a few flying tanks ( the Hind) a tank can hover ,fly, be wheeled  or be tracked, it just the most common we have grown to see is the tracked.

ElvenLord #4 Posted Feb 05 2012 - 03:03


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There's a reason it's called World of Tanks

I think that was kinda of rude. You may not like the art, but given that it is in the Fan Art section and that it is lossely based on the theme, I do nto think you have a leg to stand on. Especially considering some of the stuff that gets accepted for the Fan Art Spotlights. And yeah before someone starts whining about -1's that first one was me.

To the OP: I am not a fan of mechs, but none the less you do have some ability, thanks for sharing.

General534 #5 Posted Feb 12 2012 - 22:37


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Battlefield 2> BF2142> BF3> BF2143????

Just wait for >BF1942 & BF2142/3 go head to head

lolz enjoy the battlefield series

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