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The best T-46 configuration

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DefLeprechaun #1 Posted Sep 14 2012 - 20:02


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Okay, despite all the people down talking it the T 46 is one of my favorite tanks. Fast, versatile, and while not exactly an AMX 38, I've found if you're smart you can take a few hits. If you go in a high tier match of course you'll get boned. You're a tier III LIGHT tank!

I LOVE the 76 mm gun. You use your speed to flank and BAM! Half their health gone before they know it. Granted, this tank only shines bright in urban maps where it's tight quarters, at least in my opinion. But as far as loadouts, 76mm, the next engine, next radio, and upgraded turret. Don't bother with treads, there's like a .3 bonus to load limit and practically no extra traverse speed. Buy the rammer for the reload speed, laying drive for aiming speed, and small spar liner for extra armor.
Used properly, I've come out of battles with many kills and little damage

AGK47 #2 Posted Sep 15 2012 - 02:41

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I love the T-46, and used it with the 76mm.
A great light tank.

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