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KaiserWilhelmShatner #101 Posted Feb 13 2013 - 06:05


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Reports of the flaws in the M4 Sherman line were pouring in from combat zones at an alarming rate. Army Ordinance was well aware of these flaws and developed a succession of tanks that would be able have a far better chance of holding their ground against German armour.  The issue was that Gen Lesley J. McNair prevented any of these tanks from entering service due to his belief that tanks were to be support vehicles and tank destroyers were to fight tanks.

Question is:  Everyone in the US Army all the way up to FDR was fully aware that the Sherman was no match for German Amour.  Why was McNair not removed from his position or countermanded on the implementation of us battle tanks?  

Epilogue:  McNair died on an inspection tour of the front lines in France in 1944 to defend that his decisions on US amour were right.

Kukailimoku50 #102 Posted Apr 13 2013 - 06:56


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View Postbaars2002, on Dec 14 2012 - 19:18, said:

Was wondering if the name of the M41 is ever going to be changed or made into the correct tank as the M41 was a light tank with a 76mm gun, not a SPG, I know this as my father drove them in Germany during the Cold War.

There is a variant of the M24 Chaffee tank called a M41. It mounts a 155mm howitzer. It technically wasn't called an SPG either it was called a Self Propelled Howitzer but its basically the same as an SPG

ammo18 #103 Posted Apr 18 2013 - 15:28


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Gold rounds should only be allowed in Clan Wars. It is unfair that those of us on a limited budget have to endure gold rounds during regular play.
My stats suck because I get hit with one gold round and I am dead.

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