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“You ask, We reply” #12

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PissedoffBoris #361 Posted Jun 18 2012 - 15:55

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think my question here is about the cw map when world of battleships is released

your video talked about having all three games on the world map, my question here is, how will this work?  In cw will  clans that have players in wob wowp  be able to support their clanmates in wot,  for example shore bombardments from the ships, ship shells striking enemy tanks.  Will aircraft carriers have the ability, knowing they have to have their own cap to protect themseleves (combat air patrol)  but will they be able to provide air support to fight off enemy planes attacking the tanks,  do bombing strikes on arty's?

now on the maps that have shore batteries  and say for example a map that has fortifications and batteries, will these be activated to help defend the controlling clan?  and would these also be the main objective of ship artillery and dive bomb strikes???

I see many scenarios of what can happen of a tank getting unlucky by for example and 18inch shell, will this be the kind of fun i can look forward too? :D

Gorgatron #362 Posted Jun 18 2012 - 21:29


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Hey when will you guys have a contact number so you can spam your phones with the bullshit issues of this game?

Old_tex #363 Posted Jun 21 2012 - 15:33


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Did the "caps zero" function go away?  Thansk

MrNoName #364 Posted Jun 21 2012 - 17:24


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Getting a error message stating " critical error launching game the application cannot continue for details see log file? where do i find log file. I dl and installed newest flash player and adobe player... what else should i check for or could be the problem??

FantasianArmy #365 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 01:52


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I am asking that you contact me when you remove the totally stupid POS new battle modes instituted with patch 7.4

When they are gone or made optional so I never have to play them again, I will be back.

SilverWindDub #366 Posted Jul 07 2012 - 14:16


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when will 7.5 come out

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