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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Steel Soldier

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AlphaAndOmega #1 Posted Mar 05 2012 - 23:04

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Ever since I got into this game, my interest in the N64 game BattleTanx has come back. While surfing the internet, I came across a BattleTanx comic, which inspired me to write my own World of Tanks fanfiction. Another thing that inspired me to write this was the general lack of any World of Tanks fanfiction. OK, I have found some fics here and there, but I figured it was time for something that didn’t involve talking tanks (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Basically, this story is about a tanker in the Soviet military who works his way up through different tanks and fights a variety of enemies.

Now, my primary reasons for writing this story are to offer some of my own explanations for some of the things that happen in this game (e.g., why American tanks are fighting alongside German tanks, why you can bring blown-up tanks back to life, etc…) and to incorporate some of the post-apocalyptic elements of the BattleTanx universe into the World of Tanks universe. In this story, there are things that will sound far-fetched, but keep in mind that this is just one guy’s interpretation of things and does not necessarily reflect the views of Wargaming.net

As a secondary motivation, I figured it might also spawn a few spin-offs in the same universe and that it would inspire some special game modes. Well, being that these are secondary, I don’t care if they happen or not. Nevertheless, it’s fun to dream, right?

Oh, and one more thing: I’m writing this as a more open-ended fic for now, so I don’t plan to have any real ending.

If you folks like the first few chapters, then I’ll keep going. If not, then I’ll just cease all my work and do a suicide charge on the fields of Malinovka.

NOTICE: Though derivative works are allowed, this main story is copyright 2012 by AlphaAndOmega. MIsappropriation of this story is punishable with VERY severe consequences.

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AlphaAndOmega #2 Posted Mar 05 2012 - 23:05

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So, without further ado, here's...


I can’t tell you how the wars began.

Or why they began.

Or even when or where they began, for that matter.

All I know is that some guy started yelling “DEUTSCHLAND!” and the ball just started rolling downhill from here.

What I can tell you, however, is that they were around before the wars began.

Those iron monsters.

The tanks.

Actually, when they first started coming into play, they weren’t monsters.

I remember when I got my first tank.

It was an MS-1, also known as a T-18.

It’s not much to look at now, but back then, I didn’t know of anything better.

I was just glad to have something protecting me from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

And so I went, into the battlefield.

At first, I wasn’t much of a tanker. Sure, I managed to hit the enemy quite often, but more often than not, they hit me.

I don’t know how it happened, but the first time my tank blew up, I survived.

Sure, I suffered horrible burns and got bits of molten metal embedded into my skin, but believe me, I made it.

After getting the metal picked out of my skin and recovering from my burns, I was surprised to discover that they’d repaired my tank, too.

No, they didn’t just replace it with an identical one. Believe me, I could still smell the odor of burnt metal on this machine.

I also recognized the number given to the tank, too.

And so it went.

Every time I went into battle, I eventually got blown up.

And every time that happened, I survived and they resurrected my tank.

Don’t ask me how they did it, though. I doubt that even they would understand.

AlphaAndOmega #3 Posted Mar 06 2012 - 23:26

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With each battle, my performance gradually improved.

In fact, it wasn’t long before my commanders were so impressed that they gave me a new tank.

A T-26.

Again, it was not like the big, bad battle wagons of today, but it was an improvement over that old MS-1.

Better firepower, better speed, but the armor still left something to be desired.

In fact, I think the first kill that I ever got was when I was driving this machine.

As usual, my tank kept getting blown up, and as usual, both man and machine were fixed up for the next engagement.

However, this tank did make a difference when it came to survival rate. Sure, it was a small difference, but I took whatever I could get.

Eventually, my commanders gave me a new tank again for doing a good job.

This one was a T-46.

Again, the armor wasn’t much to speak of, but speed was a noticeable improvement over my old T-26.

One thing that I especially liked about my new tank was the gun: a 76mm L-10 cannon.

For the first time in my tank-driving career, I could do some serious damage to the enemy.

But even that wasn’t enough to stop my tank from getting destroyed.

And by now, it was getting to the point where there were some shards of metal that the doctors couldn’t remove from my body.

I didn’t care too much.

While it did feel like a scar of battle, it also felt like a badge of honor.

It also made me feel more connected to my machine.

While some asked me what had happened, most people didn’t seem to care.

AlphaAndOmega #4 Posted Mar 09 2012 - 01:40

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All that aside, my tank-driving skills soon got me a T-28.

It was like a giant boat on treads.

I loved the firepower and speed, but I thought the armor was pretty thin for this machine.

By now, the wars had escalated to a new boiling point.

It had gotten to the point where the chain of command had started to break down.

Now, tank crews were shooting at pretty much any tank they spotted.

Often, alliances were forged between groups of tankers.

Americans were working with Germans, Germans were working with Russians – you get the idea.

The most common form of this involved a large group of tankers – more than 10, but I don’t recall an exact number – getting together to battle other groups.

However, once they laid waste to whoever was in their crosshairs, these large groups ended up going their separate ways.

It was not uncommon for friends to become enemies, enemies to become friends.

In this new world of tanks, such was the way.

However, within each of these larger groups, you’d find two or three people who decided that they liked each other enough to form little alliances of their own.

These mini-alliances were known as “platoons”.

Don’t ask me how, but people who joined platoons seemed to have some magic going on between them.

It seemed like they were performing better with each other than without each other.

Despite this magic, platoons too could end up breaking like a poor young lady’s heart.

One of the more permanent forms of alliance was the “tank company”.

Tank companies were founded by tankers that had a special sort of magic.

Any tanker could join a tank company…as long as they had the right tank, of course.

Oh…and I forgot to mention the right skills.

While some companies would let in the average tanker, other companies only accepted the elite, the “best of the best” if you will.

Furthermore, the tank companies also organized their own duels – company vs. company.

When one company won, they plundered whatever they could from the opposing company.

As good as the tank companies were, even they weren’t all permanent.

While the companies generally remained, members came and went as they pleased.

Then – there were the “clans”.

The clans were, by far, the largest alliances out of all of these, and the most permanent form.

Nobody knew much about the clans.

In fact, there were those who thought that the clans didn’t even exist.

What is generally known about the clans is that they had another goal in mind.

Far from simply trying to destroy whoever got in their way, they wanted to claim as much territory as they could.

Some claimed that this was part of a new world order, while others simply dismissed it as a natural progression of war.

Either way, it was also said that the clans paid quite handsomely, but no one except the clan members knew exactly how much – and they weren’t talking.

Now, back to me: I was part of none of these things.


I did form a platoon with a guy who had a T-26, but he got lost in the commotion.

For the most part, I just had one goal:


iHuntTanks #5 Posted Mar 10 2012 - 14:51

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Good stories! :)
However, how are you going to explain the: russian bias, french+arty+russian OPness, bad maps/repetive maps, etc.

AlphaAndOmega #6 Posted Mar 10 2012 - 19:01

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View PostiHuntTanks, on Mar 10 2012 - 14:51, said:

Good stories! :)
However, how are you going to explain the: russian bias, french+arty+russian OPness, bad maps/repetive maps, etc.

Good questions! The Russian bias/OPness will be explained just a couple chapters away. It's not really about the tanks in general, but a specific tank...

The French will also be coming into play eventually, but the Tier 5+ ones won't be especially common until a couple of chapters after they appear. One thing that's different in this fic compared to the game is that tank development has been slowed down a bit in order to pace the story, so it may take a bit of time before we see stuff like IS's, Tigers, T29s, etc... Also, not all the foes that our hero will encounter are going to be big on heavy tanks, so that's another factor that comes into play.

Not all foes will be using arty, either, but I figured that those who do might have some sort of "sixth sense" helping them, amplified by the ability of other tanks to report enemies' locations. Also, arty will be the cause of a major problem later.

As for the map thing, I don't know a lot about what maps people think are horrible, though there are a couple of maps that have been problematic to me, so I suppose I could write one of those in as a huge obstacle for our hero. I have also figured on certain features of certain maps as being problematic, too.

If you have any more comments/suggestions, just let me know! Even though I have written quite a few chapters, not everything's set in stone, so I'll try to work these in as best as I can! :)

AlphaAndOmega #7 Posted Mar 11 2012 - 22:08

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Eventually, I grew sick of my T-28.

Sure, it had good firepower and speed, but armor was lacking, and while I didn’t mind the little bits of metal getting embedded in me after each time my tank was destroyed, I didn’t want it to get to the point where I became a statue.

I needed a new tank.

But how?

I tried reporting to my commanders, but they were all gone.

They probably went their separate ways and started blasting each other – just like everybody else.

That also meant I had no repair facilities or hospitals to go back to.

The repair facility part was easy to get around.

In a secluded forest, far away from the battlefields, I worked.

I spent countless hours figuring out the ins and outs of my battle machine.

Eventually, I figured out the same secrets that the mechanics had used to bring my other tanks back from the dead.

The hospital part wasn’t so easy.

I just tried to stay alive as long as I could.

In the meantime, I had a stroke of luck:

See, prior to the collapse of organized armies, they used to issue tank handbooks to tank crews in my army.

These handbooks contained information on all the armored vehicles that were used by our armed forces, plus those of other armed forces.

The handbooks even had information on known prototype vehicles of other armed forces.

Strangely enough, the books had no information on prototypes from our army.

From what I know, the top brass did this to prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands.

However, there was one problem:

If the book fell into the wrong hands, then they’d end up finding out about prototypes that our allies were developing.

Not that I cared too much.

I knew that the word “ally” was going to be quite meaningless in the future.

Now, why am I telling you about this silly little book?

Well, I had a plan.

iHuntTanks #8 Posted Mar 12 2012 - 04:06

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A list of things to talk about...:
1) Russian Bias
2) French are OP
3) Bad maps
4) Arty is OP
5) How bad people are at playing/whatever
6) The cake
7) The premium tanks that were rumoured to "earn more money than a normal tank due to how they all came with a money printer...)
8) The Lowetraktor
9) The ending where he dies/retires/whatever.


AlphaAndOmega #9 Posted Mar 12 2012 - 04:45

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View PostiHuntTanks, on Mar 12 2012 - 04:06, said:

A list of things to talk about...:
1) Russian Bias
2) French are OP
3) Bad maps
4) Arty is OP
5) How bad people are at playing/whatever
6) The cake
7) The premium tanks that were rumoured to "earn more money than a normal tank due to how they all came with a money printer...)
8) The Lowetraktor
9) The ending where he dies/retires/whatever.


I've already addressed #1, #2, #3 and #4 in my post prior to Chapter 4.

Regarding how people suck at playing, that's going to come into play shortly, a chapter or so after our hero gets a new tank.

The cake is a lie, by the way.

Premium tanks, you say? I do have a chapter featuring the Tetrarch, which was going to be later in the story, though I might push it forward or combine that one with the chapter where the French tanks are introduced, seeing as how they were both introduced with the 7.1 patch. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with a lot of the premium tanks, but one of them will be featured as a boss later on.

"Lowetraktor"? If you mean the LOLTraktor, then yep, at least one is going to get its ass handed to it.

As for the ending, I originally planned on making it endless, but I've been tinkering with the idea of adding an ending. It could be a long time before the end, though, seeing as how there are more maps coming in 7.2 & I plan to have our hero visit every map at least once.

Once again, if you have any comments or suggestions regarding story content or my answers, don't be afraid to ask! :)

shokaku13 #10 Posted Mar 12 2012 - 14:18


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I love it, keep it up! I was very excited to see a new chapter today!

AlphaAndOmega #11 Posted Mar 14 2012 - 02:01

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First of all, I decided to read through the book to see what tanks it contained.

I was looking for something that looked like it would be an improvement over my T-28.

It wasn’t long before I found something:

A KV-1.

Second of all, I had to get one.

Easier said than done.

I wasn’t too worried, though.

OK, so here’s how I did it:

After I caught a break in the action, I just left my T-28 behind & never looked back.

There I was, marching through the countryside, looking for one of those iron monsters.

It was a perilous journey. Every so often, I had to take cover to avoid being detected by enemy tanks and to avoid getting blown up.

However, all my trekking had eventually paid off.

In a forest clearing, I spotted a soldier working on his KV-1.

The tank appeared to be completely stock, but that didn’t matter too much to me.

I was just lucky to come across one.

So, I snuck up to the guy, being careful not to get spotted, and without hesitation, I planted a knife right into his ear.

His lifeless body collapsed to the ground.

After removing the knife from his brain, I conducted a quick analysis of the tank.

The tank’s controls looked different from the T-28’s, but I was convinced that they were similar enough.

Once I made sure that all parts were in place, I decided to test out my newly-acquired battlewagon.

Initially, I was a bit disappointed because it was slower than the other tanks I’d driven (excluding the MS-1).

Also, firepower wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for a machine of this caliber.

I mean, I knew these might be problems because I read the handbook, but that didn’t make them any less annoying.

Despite these shortcomings, there was one thing that I really loved about this tank:

The armor.

For the first time in my career, I could proudly go out onto the battlefield knowing that I wasn’t going to get blown up quickly.

That gave me extra time to blast my opponents.

It also gave me time to plan my next moves.

AlphaAndOmega #12 Posted Mar 16 2012 - 02:35

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Now that I had a tank that I was truly in love with, I needed to take care of a few things.

First of all, I needed a base of operations.

Well, I didn’t really “need” one, but it would help when I needed a place to do repairs & maintenance without getting shot at.

After much searching, I finally found one in an abandoned mine somewhere deep within the mountains.

Second of all, I needed to upgrade my new steed.

Having gained some experience in mechanics & metallurgy, I didn’t figure it would be too hard, but there was one question:

Where was I going to get the parts?

So, I did some brainstorming, and after a while, an idea came to me.

On the battlefield, once the gunfire stopped, I searched the bodies of any former Soviet tankers that I came across, hoping to find blueprints of any sort.

I also looked for any useable parts from blown-up tanks.

Little by little, I got blueprints for better parts:

A better suspension.

A V-5 engine.

A 10RK radio.

But the real crown was the new gun setup.

Now, my KV-1 was equipped with a large turret sporting a 152mm M-10 howitzer.

The blueprints designated the new turret as type “KV-2”.

For some reason, the blueprints for the cannon contained the inscription “ДЕРП”.

What did it mean?

Was it the name of the designer?

That didn’t matter much to me.

Finally, after improving my tank, I decided to improve myself.

To do this, I grabbed all the scrap metal I needed and started working away at it.

Eventually, I ended up creating an improvised suit of armor.

The suit consisted of: A face plate for my helmet, augmentations to my SN-42 vest, arm protectors, and leg protectors.

Now, not only did I have a way of protecting myself if my tank got destroyed, I also had a way of feeling connected with my tank.

Besides, I already had enough metal in me, so why not just put some on me?

There was just one thing missing, though.

After a few more minutes, I painted a name for my tank on both sides of the turret:


shokaku13 #13 Posted Mar 16 2012 - 03:54


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I have to say, I look forward to every new chapter of this, I really like it a lot!

AlphaAndOmega #14 Posted Mar 16 2012 - 05:33

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Hey, no problem! I've worked plenty hard on these stories and I can promise you that the next few chapters are about to get very interesting...

AlphaAndOmega #15 Posted Mar 17 2012 - 23:16

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Now, it was time to test my newly-upgraded tank.

I hopped in, fired up that diesel engine and lumbered to the nearest battlefield.

When I got to the fields at Prokhorovka, there was already plenty of action going on.

Within a minute, I saw an M4 Sherman enter my sights.

I carefully took aim, and…


The blast of the gun could be heard a long way off.

That Sherman was gone.

Unfortunately for me, the 152mm cannon took a long time to reload.

“Come on, hurry up and reload!”

About 25 seconds later, a new round was in the chamber.

Next, I spotted a Hetzer.

Again, I took aim and fired at the little pyramid-shaped tank.

Unfortunately, I missed.

It was really annoying to waste all that time reloading after I’d missed.

Even worse, I think the Hetzer spotted me because it fired a round in my direction.

Thankfully, it missed.

Before it could get another round off, I moved to a safer position.

Well…at least I thought it was safe.

Up until I encountered a T-50, that is.

He must’ve seen me first because my tank took a few hits from out of nowhere.

Thankfully, my tank didn’t take too much damage.

However, that little bugger was annoying me.

Worse, the weight of the turret made turret rotation quite slow.

Thankfully, I remembered this one trick from before the dark times.

Thinking quickly, I rotated the tank’s hull in addition to the turret.

When I had my shot all lined up, I fired and…


The T-50 was a smoldering hulk of scrap metal.

Now, what about that Hetzer?

Noting its last known location, I carefully proceeded over to that general area, making good use of cover.

However, en route to the prey, something unexpected happened:

An errant shot broke one of my tank’s tracks.

That damn Hetzer had found me again.

Big mistake.

Now that I knew its location, and with my tank immobilized, it was now or never.

Once again, I brought that big cannon to bear, and…


That deadly pyramid was gone the way of the others.

Having evaded danger, I set to work on the torn track.

With the track repaired as best as I could, I headed back to my mountain hideout, satisfied that the test went well.

AlphaAndOmega #16 Posted Mar 20 2012 - 22:39

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Now that Goliath was fixed up, I left my hideout once again in search of fresh meat.

When I got to the fields of Malinovka, I found plenty of it.

Here, I encountered a company that called themselves “The Farmer’s Brigade”.

In a nutshell, it was composed of former kolkhoz farmers who had somehow gotten their hands on tanks.

They didn’t appear to be too tough.

After all, they had a lot of MS-1s, T-26s and BTs, plus a few T-46s and one – maybe two – T-28s.

I smiled and rejoiced at the thought of an easy victory.

“Bring it on, my prey!” I shouted.

I targeted the BTs first simply because they attempted to charge me.

For any BTs that managed to avoid me, I simply ran into them, crippling their vehicles.

Most of the shots fired at me bounced off, but there were a few that did quite a bit of damage.

I suspected that the T-28s were the ones that were actually doing damage, so I also gave priority to them.

Like dominoes, they collapsed before me.

One or two of the enemy tanks retreated, but the rest tried to keep firing at me, thinking that they could actually harm me.

I simply pressed on.

When I got to their line, I ran over two of the MS-1s, turning them into heaps of scrap metal.

Their surviving comrades got the idea and started to retreat.

Not all of them made it, though, as my cannon took out a lot of them.

However, thanks to the age-long reload time and the fact that I missed some shots, there were those who got away.

“Once again, victory is mine!” I rejoiced.

I turned around and started my journey back home.

However, a few seconds later, I received a call over my radio:

“Why are you leaving so soon? We’re not yet finished with you!”

Shortly after the call came in, I saw one last tank:

Another KV-2, with the slogan “Колхозы, даст нам силы!” (EN: Kolkhozes will give us strength!) painted on each side of the turret.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: If that's not the correct Russian translation, please send me a reply or message about it & I shall fix it.

I assumed that this was the leader of the gang.

However, there was one other difference with his tank:

It was sporting a cannon with a longer barrel.

At that moment, I had a flash in my mind:

I remembered reading something about the Soviet military testing out a new cannon for heavy tanks prior to the fall, but I didn’t know what caliber it was at first.

After a little more thinking, I remembered what it was:

A 107mm ZiS-6.

All that aside, I responded to my opponent over the radio:

“Where the hell did you come from and how did you get this frequency!?”

He responded: “That is unimportant. You have done a great deal of damage to our cause, and now it is time for you to pay!”

“Oh yeah!? Well, we’ll see about that!”

After finishing our conversation, I took aim at the enemy KV-2 and fired.


The 152mm did significant damage to his tank, but it didn’t destroy it.

Now, it was his turn.

He took aim at me with the 107mm and planted a round right in my turret.

It did plenty of damage.

Even worse, the 107mm gun didn’t take as long to reload as my 152 did, so he ended up being able to hit me again before I could hit him.

He must have hit me in just the right spot, because my engine bay caught fire.

Luckily, I had a working fire extinguisher in my tank, so in an act of quick thinking, I doused the flames.

By that time, I had another round in the chamber, so I took aim and fired at him.

While that round didn’t end up destroying his tank, it did shatter his track.

However, I wasn’t out of harm’s way just yet.

His next shot missed me, but the shot that came afterwards went right through my hull, nearly missing me.

At this point, I knew my tank was only one more shot away from being destroyed, so I had to act quickly.

Having moved to a new position, I took aim once again and fired at him.


That did it! His tank was now a smoldering wreck.

I was so proud of myself for defeating my first tank company.

However, there still the problem of getting home.

Ever so carefully, I drove home, trying to stay off the main roads.

At one point, I could’ve sworn that a Panzer IV saw me, but it never stopped, nor did it come back to chase me, so I kept driving.

I made it back to my hideout and conducted the necessary repairs and maintenance for Goliath.

shokaku13 #17 Posted Mar 21 2012 - 01:46


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I was worried for a minute that the 107 KV was going to destroy his... I love this story, keep it up!

AlphaAndOmega #18 Posted Mar 24 2012 - 01:34

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For the next few days, I was having quite a time out on the battlefield.

Everywhere I went, I left a number of charred wrecks that were once tanks.

One day, I got another surprise:

Back at Prokhorovka, I sighted an unknown light tank that was painted bluish-gray with a target-like logo on it.

Since it attempted to fire upon me, failing to do any damage in the process, I simply took aim and tore it to shreds.

I wanted to conduct a more thorough study of it, but there was just too much action going on, so I kept on battling.

During the battle, I was also charged by three more unknown light tanks.

These were painted in Soviet colors, but I never saw anything like them in my handbook before.

Regardless, I took aim and fired at the trio.


Two of them were destroyed in the blast, but one of them merely had its tracks broken.

Almost immediately, its crew jumped out to repair the tracks.

I didn’t feel like using my cannon, and I wanted that thing alive, so I used the hull-mounted DT machine gun to fire upon the tankers.

Once they were eliminated, I continued with the battle until the action subsided.

When everything got quiet, I pulled up to the first mystery tank (or what was left of it) and searched the vehicle.

On one of the crewmen’s bodies, I found what appeared to be a tank handbook similar to mine.

I could barely read it, but I recognized the language as French.

That’s when I realized that the tank itself was French.

Looking through his handbook, I was able to identify the tank as a Renault FT-17.

If I also read correctly, this design dated back to World War I.

No wonder I defeated it so easily.

Afterwards, I investigated the mystery Soviet tank.

The handbook I picked up identified it as a “Mk VII Tetrarch”

Oddly enough, the description for this tank stated that its country of origin was Great Britain.

Now, why was our army using British tanks?

I thought I’d heard something about this before, but I just couldn’t remember at this moment.

Rather than waste my time trying to figure it out, I went to inspect the rest of the tank.

Inside, it was very different even from my T-26 and T-46.

Furthermore, there was a strange cylindrical device inside the turret that I had never seen before.

After a brief inspection, I pressed a button and out popped a perfect 10-ruble note.

Why did this tank have such a device when none of the other tanks I once drove had one? Was it some new type of reward system?

Whatever the case may be, I went back home to do another round of repair and maintenance.

With each successive battle, I encountered more French tanks.

Initially, they were not too challenging, being quite slow and unable to damage Goliath.

Well, a couple of Char B1s did some damage, but not too much.

However, a few weeks later, I got some more surprises:

My first surprise came in the form of what I identified as a BDR G1B.

This one had a cannon that could actually do significant damage to Goliath.

However, it still had weak armor, so it took me only one shot to dispatch it.

The other surprise wasn’t so easy to get rid of.

This was the AMX-12t.

Not only could its cannon damage me, but it had plenty of speed to match.

Still, it gave me some practice with moving targets.

And of course, when all else failed, ramming always worked!

Nevertheless, these new tanks shaped the course of the war.

AlphaAndOmega #19 Posted Mar 28 2012 - 00:35

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I continued my warpath, just me and Goliath, tearing up those who got in our way.

I had a particularly intense confrontation in the fields of Redshire.

There were tanks attacking me from all angles, some of whom I couldn’t see.

Of course, I kept a cool head, destroyed whoever I could see, searched out who I could and destroyed them.

My mission complete, I decided to head back to my secret hideout for the usual round of repairs and maintenance.

However, Redshire was the farthest I’d ever been from my hideout, so it took quite a while.

I stopped to have a rest.

Out here in the field, I could only afford to rest a couple of hours at most.

Of course, it wasn’t much better at my hideout, so I couldn’t be choosy.

During my nap, I dreamt of the same things I dreamt of most every night.

I dreamed that I had a better life and that the world had been spared from this breakdown of order that came out of nowhere.

As satisfying as it was to lay waste to enemy tanks with my 152mm cannon, I had some mental fatigue from having to fight for my own survival.

Still, I was willing to keep going if it meant that there was some sort of end to all this.

When I woke up from my nap, it had only been a few seconds before I got another surprise.

Then again, given the state of affairs in the world, I guess surprises were the norm.

But if they were the norm, then they wouldn’t really be surprises, now, would they?

Philosophical ramblings aside, this surprise was different.

It was a woman running over to me.

She was quite beautiful; she had brown hair and brown eyes.

She also looked quite exhausted, as if she’d traveled a great distance to meet me.

When she got over to me, she asked, “Excuse me…but are you the one who saved me from those other tanks back there?”

I replied, “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.”

“But you must be! That name on your tank, ‘Goliath’…there’s no mistaking it!”

“OK, so I am. What do you want from me?”

“I…I wanted to thank you for saving my life!”

“Well…OK. Sounds good, I guess.”

Then, without further ado, she gave me a hug. I half-heartedly reciprocated.

The hug didn’t last long, however, before she pulled back. Was it because the touch of steel felt too cold to her?

In any case, she introduced herself, “My name is Mia. What’s yours?”

I replied, “My name is unimportant.”

“B…but don’t you have a name? What about Goliath? It’s written on your tank!”

“Lady, that’s just the tank’s name. My real name matters to no one.”

“H…how can you be so cold? You saved my life, and I am grateful to you for this! I’d feel more comfortable knowing who my knight in shining armor is!”

I didn’t respond to that one.

She added, “Could you take that armor off? I want to see the face of the one who saved me!”

I just said, “I remove my armor for no mortal.”

She replied, “Well…can I at least come with you? We could go somewhere far away!”

I replied, “I’m sorry, but you can’t. It’s too dangerous!”

“But don’t you want to escape all of this?”

“I really can’t do this. It’s for your own good.”

“Please let me come along!”

“No, I can’t! You must get out of here!”


“No! This is my final word! It’s for your own good!”


“Go! NOW!!!!”

Without further questions, Mia simply nodded and ran away to an unknown destination.

On the outside, I didn’t really care about her. She probably would’ve weighed me down, anyways.

Of course, as I also mentioned, she would have been killed if Goliath were blown up.

However, deep down inside, I felt pretty sorry for what I had done.

What if she was right? What if there was a faraway land that we could escape to in order to get away from this madness?

What if she really was my ticket out of this life?

Worse, what if I had sent her to her grave by sending her away?

I tried not to think about it so much, though these thoughts often intruded on my thought process.

Also, for some reason, I could feel some form of magic coursing through my veins.

I actually felt like I had something more to die for.

With each battle, I could feel my skills improving faster than usual.

I also obtained more loot from destroyed tanks for some reason.

Was this the same sort of magic that tank company commanders possessed?

Who knows?

Eventually, the fire died down, but the memories lingered.

I never did find anyone else like Mia.

I figured that everyone else was either dead or driving a tank.

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