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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Steel Soldier

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My story is up... and I feel like mines is more like a prequel. The events that lead to the fall of the armies, and the formation of this world of tanks.

What's the year in this story?

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Y U NO POST Alpha?

Thenoob1234 #363 Posted Oct 03 2012 - 01:20

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Sep 14 2012 - 00:47, said:




I still couldn’t find either of them, and at a seaside Cliff, I found nothing except a lone American SPG of unknown type.

Despite its apparent size & weight, it only took one shell to destroy it.

I continued patrolling the area, hoping to locate more enemy tanks.

At first, my search seemed hopeless, but then, I froze when I saw it:

The horde.

It was a group of American heavy tanks & tank destroyers, all travelling together!

I could pick out a few familiar types in the group: Terrible 29s, Terrible 25 ATs and Terrible 32s.

The rest were unfamiliar to me, and I wasn’t just going to sit here trying to get a closer look!

As they were headed in my direction, I turned around and pushed Goliath’s engine as hard as it would go.

I even dropped a few mines for them!

A couple of minutes later, I heard the satisfying sound of explosions as the mines detonated.

However, the horde kept going, so I adopted a new tactic:

I perched Goliath on a ledge overlooking the western pass and waited for the horde to come back around.

As they did, I targeted one of the tanks in the read and opened fire.

However, the shell didn’t kill it, so I withdrew before anyone spotted me.

In addition to this, I threw some anti-tank grenades, but some of these machines proved resistant to my grenades.

I continued fighting with all of my sneaky tactics: sniping, grenades and mines.

Soon, they were down to just one heavy tank, something with a new hull and a rounded turret.

I fired a 152mm shell at it, but didn’t kill it.

Unfortunately, I was completely out of ammunition now!

This time, I got a radio call from the remaining tank:

“You kill friends!!! Now I kill you!!!!”

“Come on, then!! I’m not afraid of you!!!!” I replied.

Actually, I was pretty scared.

Without any ammunition except for the machine guns (which were no good against tanks, anyways), I had no way to defeat this tank.

To save myself trouble, I just hid in a corner where I was sure he wouldn’t find me.

Unfortunately, he found me anyways and fired a shot at Goliath, doing major damage.

When Goliath was shaken, I felt something hit my leg.

I had one last anti-tank grenade left!

I picked it up and threw it, which was a good thing because that heavy tank was coming right for me!

Unfortunately, the grenade flew over the tank and missed!

Now what!?

I had to do something…and fast!

Noticing that I was right next to the cliff itself, I got a great idea!

I put Goliath’s engine into overdrive and hoped for the best.

Luckily, the enemy tank just barely missed Goliath, plunging off the cliff to its death!

Now, it was time to find out who this massive horde belonged to.

They were known as “The Manhattanists”, an experimental group of super soldiers created by the US Military.

Judging by their mutated appearances and ragged uniforms, it seemed that the experiments had gone wrong somehow and that they’d escaped from their masters.

Of course, being super soldiers, it was easy to see how they could have escaped.

As I’d noticed, they were able to arm themselves with some high-tech heavy tanks & tank destroyers.

First of all, they had yet another heavy tank on the same chassis as the Terrible 29 & 32, called the T34.


Are they serious!?!??!?

Did they really copy the name of one of the most well-known Soviet tanks!?!?

Granted, I was more concerned with the Soviet heavy tanks, but still, this seemed like a lazy decision on their part or a deliberate attempt to mislead people.

As a result, I decided to only refer to this tank as the “Phony 34”, or the T36.

That aside, one of their tank destroyers was known as the “T28”.

Actually, there were two tank destroyers bearing that designation, one without a turret.

The one I encountered was of the turreted variety, which, strangely enough, couldn’t rotate its turret all the way around.

Sometimes, I just don’t understand American tank designers.

I didn’t care to re-designate that one because the T-28 medium tank wasn’t as well-known as the T-34.

Their lone SPG was designated the T92.

Another tank destroyer was designated the T95, which was essentially a variant of the T28 with thicker armor, two sets of tracks and a wider choice of guns, including a fearsome 155mm gun.

I was lucky to have defeated it by myself.

Finally, their heavy tank was known as the M103, and given that it could mount a 105mm gun or two types of 120mm guns, I was also lucky to have survived an encounter with it.

Having triumphed once again, I returned home to repair and rearm.

However, a few days after I returned home, I began to feel sick for some reason.

I was feeling tired, and because I had to throw up, I removed my face shield.

It’s a good thing I made it retractable because throwing up with that thing on would not have been fun.

I just ended up lying in bed for a while.

I suspected that the stress of battle was wreaking havoc on my immune system.

Or maybe it had something to do with The Manhattanists?

Whatever the cause, I just decided to take it easy, which was not such a good idea with W.G. still at large.

However, if I pushed myself too hard, I might end up dead, so I just lay there and accepted this brutal contradiction for now.

To make matters worse, I had another one of those dreams about the shadowy figures.

However, this one was different.

I could see a couple in the foreground, with more behind them.

I could only see part of their faces, though, because they were wearing hooded robes and the hoods covered a lot of their face.

They made the same demand, but this time, they had a whole speech:

“Tanker, we have been following thy movements. We are displeased with thou. Give in to our demands! Bring us the key or thou shalt perish! Do not attempt to flee us. We are everywhere and we are nowhere. For centuries, they have tried to hunt us! For centuries, they thought they had kept us down! But now, it is our turn! Once we have that key in our possession, then a new beginning shalt be ushered in! Tanker, we know thou hast this key. Deliver it to us or suffer an eternal fate! Decide now!”

Despite my sickness, the dream was oddly clear.

For some reason, I also knew where they were.

As I lay there in bed, I could only think one thing:

These people…they’re trying to kill me…but I will kill them!

Who is negging you? HOW DARE THEY! (fixed it with +1 now)

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View PostThenoob1234, on Oct 03 2012 - 01:20, said:

Who is negging you? HOW DARE THEY! (fixed it with +1 now)

Must be dem hators.

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View PostGeneral534, on Sep 30 2012 - 21:51, said:

Y U NO POST Alpha?

Sorry, I've just been occupied with other things. I promise I'll finish this tale!

AlphaAndOmega #366 Posted Oct 12 2012 - 03:58

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And now, prepare yourselves for a most special chapter of "The Steel Soldier"!




When I recovered from my sickness, I prepared for the coming showdown with the shadowy figures that had been haunting my dreams.

If I was correct, they lived in an Abbey in Italy.

Aside from all my usual tricks of the trade, I opened up my safe and took the messages from W.G. with me, too.

I don’t know why, but something told me that it would be a great idea.

Before going, I also wrote another note:

“To whoever finds this note:

If you are reading this, then I am most likely dead by now. I have brought along a few documents from an individual known only as W.G. Though I do not know who he is or where he comes from, I have discovered what his plans are: He plans to turn certain tank companies against each other until there are few survivors. That way, he can easily take over the world.

Please, I beg you, heed my words! Find out where W.G. is! You hold the fate of the world in your hands!

The Unknown Tanker”

I rewrote it as best as I could in English, French and German, just in case the person who found the note couldn’t read Russian.

I figured that somebody, somewhere, would understand the message just fine.

I just hoped that the right person would find it in case the unthinkable happened.

With my documents concealed in my armor for protection, I headed to this Abbey.

When I got there, I heard the mysterious figures speak, but without using a radio:

“Our prey has arrived! Seize him, brothers! Let him pay for his transgressions!”

Uh-oh, I’ll have to hurry!

After a quick observation of the area, I chose to go west because the apparent cliff on the east side might leave me open to snipers.

Going west, I encountered what I believed to be an AMX-13, but it appeared to be larger than that.

I fired a shell at it, which only destroyed its tracks, so I finished it with an anti-tank grenade.

“Thou hast destroyed some of our brothers! Now we shalt destroy you!” continued the voices.

Moving on, I covered my path with some anti-tank mines to throw off pursuers.

Going down the western path, I encountered a T-44 medium tank coming for me.

I calmly took aim at it, and…


Strangely enough, I killed this tank in one hit!

But how can this be!?

I recalled the time when I engaged a T-43 near the Mannerheim Line.

In case you’ve forgotten, that one managed to survive a 152mm high-explosive shell from the front.

So how is it that this more advanced tank couldn’t?

Oh wait…that’s right! I must’ve destroyed the ammo rack!

I questioned why this machine would have poor ammo rack protection, but I headed on rather than wasting time asking questions.

Behind the T-44, there was a short uphill path to the left.

Though it slowed down Goliath, I took it anyways because I could probably get the drop on somebody else.

However, I found an AMX M4 1945 waiting to the right of me.

“Get him, brothers! Destroy the non-believer!”

The AMX fired at me before I could get sighted in, damaged Goliath and attempted to back away.

I managed to hit the AMX, but it was still moving.

I backed away, only to discover a T36 up the hill to my left.

“Surrender, thou sinner!” continued the voices, “Do not prolong thy pain!”

The T36 fired and damaged Goliath.

Goliath couldn’t be doing so well at this point, so I had to act.

The presence of artillery was also very annoying, but considering how few shots they had fired, they must have slow firing rates.

Anyways, I took out the T36 with an anti-tank grenade, doing the same to the M4 1945 when it foolishly tried to charge me.

“Thy tricks and traps will not work against us forever! Thou must surrender the key eventually!”

Ha! We’ll see about that!

I pressed on, undaunted.

However, at the next corner, I spotted an IS-4.

Suddenly, I had a flashback to my first IS-3 encounter.

Again, I realized that I might not get out alive, but I wasn’t going to surrender this time!

I pointed the 152mm cannon at the IS-4, and…


I hit the IS-4, but could not kill it.

Rather, it killed Goliath.

Of course, my armored suit protected me, but I think that even this was slightly too much for it.

After Goliath was destroyed, I could hear the voices say: “Well done, brothers! Another sinner has been cleansed! Now, let us continue our search!”

Oh no I’m not!

Having faked my death, I waited as the IS-4 crew started to repair a track that was broken by the 152mm blast.

Then, when the time was right, I jumped out of Goliath and charged at them while firing my PPSh-41.
I must have emptied an entire magazine into them!

With the crew disposed of, I finished their repair job and continued the fight.

I didn’t care about using any of my neat little tricks; I just charged at my remaining opponents like a madman and fired wherever I thought I would have a chance of doing damage.

When my first opponent spotted me, I heard some voices say: “WAIT! That is not one of our brothers! We have failed to kill the sinner! ELIMINATE HIM!!!”

I managed to kill a bunch of tanks in my blood frenzy despite taking major damage.

When I spotted a lone E-75, I charged it on foot and jumped atop it.

Ripping open the hatch, I stabbed a bunch of the crewmen with my knife.

I dragged the commander out and started beating his head against the side of his tank.

“Stay…out…OF…MY…DREAMS!!!!!!!!” I roared while beating him.

Once this madman had fallen unconscious, I knelt down in fatigue.

When I regained my composure and calmed down, I decided to check out the ones who had been haunting my nightmares.

None of them had IDs of any sort, but I knew that they were a mixed-nation group.

I had no way of knowing if any of them were in fact “W.G.”, but I figured that there was a good chance that I’d knocked him off during my rampage, too.

However, I had finally learned who they really were.

They were the “Federation of the Shadow Key”, a secret religious cult that had gotten their hands on tanks.

So now I know what they meant by “the key”, but I had no idea what the Shadow Key was for until I read their manifesto:



Brothers, the world as we know it is too sick to be worthy of life. The decadence that man’s alleged progress bringeth upon us cannot be ignored. However, all hope is not forlorn, for there existeth a mighty artifact created for the purpose of cleansing all sinners from this world, that we may re-create it to suit our God.


Long ago, in the vastness of time and space, our God sprung forth to create a new world, that an existence might serve to hold off the crushing force of nothingness. However, the creation of this world resulted in an unexpected byproduct: a powerful force that threatened to consume all life on this world. After a brutal conflict, our God had sealed this force in another dimension, but not before that force left behind a key to its dungeon. This key shall forever be referred to as the Shadow Key.

Years later, during the so-called “Renaissance” period, a few wise brothers foresaw the ill effects that mankind’s meddling would lead to. From that moment on, they swore their lives to save mankind from the gaping jaws of these ills. However, these brothers were unsuccessful in their attempts to save mankind peacefully. With little else to turn to, they came to the realization that the only way to save the world was to cleanse it of these sinners and re-shape it in the name of our God. Forevermore, they dedicated themselves to finding the Shadow Key. Unfortunately, they were persecuted by the purportedly well-intentioned authorities and the legend was assumed to be lost forever.

Until now.

Brothers, rejoice, for our noble leader Saxlar hath re-discovered the legend of the Shadow Key, locked away in a long-forgotten corner of a library that had touted itself as being a provider of free knowledge! Now, we may continue our divine quest to locate the Shadow Key, that we may yet save this world before it is too late!


Live for the key!

Die for the key!

Serve in the name of the key!

Let the key always be in thy thoughts!

Think only thoughts that have connections to the key!

Thou shalt have but one marriage: to the key!

Discard all possessions that interfere with our quest to locate the key!

Never let thy mind stray from those believed to have the key!

Never discard the key!

Never misplace the key!

Destroy the non-believers!

Destroy the persecutors!

Destroy the betrayers!

They must all die!

That is the way it should be!”

Wow, I have seen some acts of overzealous devotion, but these guys were taking it to new heights!

And I thought the followers of the Communist Party were excessively devoted!

But the question remains: Why me?

What reason could the Federation possibly have for suspecting that I have this “Shadow Key”?

Was it something I had?

Even I couldn’t be totally sure.

Maybe the key didn’t even exist!

Given their misguided zealotry, it couldn’t possibly exist.

The tanks in their inventory were nothing new, for the most part, but there was a German SPG in their inventory called a “GeschutzWagen Typ E”, part of the “Entwicklung” series.

Strangely enough, the SS panzer division “Wunderwaffen” had no info on this.

Another new tank was a new variant of the AMX-50, called the AMX-50/120.

Aside from its 120mm autoloading cannon, its design used elements from the IS-3, rather than the Tiger.

Their third new tank – the one I thought was an AMX-13 – was actually a 25-ton medium tank developed by Batignolles-Chatillon.

With the same speed as the AMX-13 plus the ability to mount a 100mm autoloading cannon, it sure seemed fearsome…aside from the one I blew up so easily.

During this time, I thought I heard the sounds of tanks driving in the distance, but I figured I was hearing things, and the sounds trailed off.

Besides, as far as I’m concerned, the war’s over.

I just went to Goliath’s remains and worked on bringing it back to life.

However, I must’ve missed something, because I turned around to find an AMX-50 and two unknown American tanks facing me.

Their commanders got out, and the middle one, a fairly tall man, spoke to me:

“We’ve been expecting you.”

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AMX-50 and 2 american tanks? who could that be?

AlphaAndOmega #368 Posted Oct 14 2012 - 05:01

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Immediately, I drew my PPSh-41 and pointed it at them.

They all put their hands up.

“Wait! Don’t shoot!” said the guy in the middle, who was probably their leader.

“Yes, we are on your side!” said the guy to his right, a slightly shorter man.

“What do you mean you’re on my side!?” I asked. “Hell, I’m not with anybody! Besides, this war’s over as far as I’m concerned!”

“The war’s not over yet, soldier!” replied the leader.

“Look, do you see what I did back there!? Do you have any idea who those people were!? My mission is complete!! We can go home for all I care!!!”

“No, not yet! You’ve still got a lot of work ahead of you! We can help you!”

“He’s right, man!” said the third guy, who was around the same height as the guy on the leader’s right.

“And why should I believe you!??!?” I questioned.

“We’ve seen some of your feats,” replied the leader, “Heard stories. We know you’ve had some tough times, but that’s why we’re here. If you join us, we can finish this war together!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, we are absolutely sure.”

“Do you swear to this?”

“Yes! Now please, put the gun away!”

“Do you swear on your life that this is true?”

“Yes!! Now put the gun down!!”

Hmmm…these guys were quite persistent.

They sure seem like they’re telling the truth, but there’s still a very small part of me that doesn’t seem to want to believe them.

Besides, what did I have to lose by accepting this offer?

Even if they were lying, well…I’d already gotten away from one company’s base, and I’m sure I could get away from theirs!

Nah, they probably were telling the truth.

I lowered my PPSh-41 and said, “OK, I accept.”

The Americans & Frenchman put their hands down, and their leader said, “Very well, then.”

“Sorry I pointed my gun at you,” I said. “I just had to be sure that you were telling the truth!”

“It’s OK, we figured you might not believe us,” said their apparent leader, “Not everybody believes us. However, not everybody made such an impolite introduction, either.”

OK, I admit that it may have been a little heavy-handed, but as they always say, better safe than sorry.

“My name is Major Larry Boyesen, United States Army,” said the leader, “I am the leader and founder of a clan called Yayax Squad. These are my deputy commanders: Capitaine Jacques Lagarde…”

He pointed to the guy on the right first.

“…and Captain Bryan Deveraux.” he concluded, pointing to the guy on the left.

We all exchanged handshakes and greetings.

“What’s your name?” asked Boyesen.

“I don’t have one” I replied.

“You do not have a name?” queried Lagarde, apparently puzzled by such a reply.

“No, I don’t.”

“Why not?” asked Deveraux. “Everyone’s got a name! I’m sure you’ve got one, too!”

“Believe me, Captain Deveraux, I really don’t have a name!”

“I also think you have a name!” said Lagarde.

After a couple of seconds, Lagarde said, “Wait, Bryan, did his tank not have a name? I cannot remember, but I am sure it had a name!”

“It was Goliath,” replied Deveraux. “Hey, maybe that’s your name!”

“You’re not the first one to say that,” I said. “Unfortunately, you’re wrong. My name isn’t important.”

“Well, whatever your name is, we have to get going now!” said Boyesen. “We don’t have much time before someone else enters this area!”

“OK,” I replied, “just let me repair Goliath and I’ll come with you!”

“There’s no time!” said Boyesen. “We’ve got to go!”

“Please? I promise this won’t take long!”

“It’s too risky, soldier! Besides, you won’t need that machine anymore!”

“Major, this machine is like a friend to me! I beg of you, please allow me to repair it!”

After a few seconds, Boyesen replied: “Well…all right, but please hurry up! We don’t have much time!”

“Thank you very much, sir!” I replied.

“You’re welcome, I suppose. Lagarde, Deveraux, establish a perimeter! Tell us if anybody’s coming!"

“Sir, yes sir!” said the two deputies, who re-started their tanks and went to defend us while I worked on Goliath.

Due to Major Boyesen’s warnings, I had to expedite Goliath’s repairs.

As a result of this, I skipped on repairing certain parts of the tank for now, such as the mine dropper control switch.

Luckily, no other enemy forces arrived during this time.

“There…it’s finished!” I said.

“Impressive!” remarked Boyesen. “With talents like yours, you could be a major asset to Yayax Squad!”

“Thank you” I replied, “But what is a ‘Yayax’, Major Boyesen?”

“No time for that now, soldier! We’ve got to move!”

“Sir, yes sir!”

We immediately decamped and started heading for Yayax Squad’s headquarters.

I stayed in the back of the group.

However, Goliath’s engine wasn’t doing so well.

I could occasionally hear it backfire, not to mention that my old friend was running pretty roughly.

Maybe I should’ve spent more time on repairs.

In any case, Goliath’s engine held together until we reached Yayax Squad’s headquarters, which, if I paid attention correctly, was somewhere near the border of Italy & Germany.

The headquarters was located in an old castle, which – barring the barbed wire, searchlights and some fixed guns – didn’t even look like a military HQ.

We stopped for a moment while Boyesen gave some secret signal, then proceeded when the drawbridge was lowered, allowing us past the huge wall.

Inside, I got another surprise when I saw part of the ground open up to reveal a ramp that went underground!

I followed Boyesen & his deputies underground.

Yayax Squad must’ve had good foresight, too, because the opening was tall enough for Goliath to come through.

Underground, we came to a concrete bunker that served as the motor pool.

There weren’t a lot of tanks here, but they had some high-tech equipment here, including an IS-6, JagdTiger, E-50, and other tanks from the four major powers.

As far as I could see, nothing here was of a lower tech level than Tier Five.

With Boyesen, Lagarde and Deveraux parked here, there were two empty spots left, so I parked Goliath in one of them and shut off the engine.

Boyesen and his deputies then approached me as I got out.

“OK,” said Boyesen, “Now that we’re here, I’d like…”

Suddenly, Boyesen was interrupted as Goliath’s engine caught fire!

“FIRE! FIRE!!!!” shouted Lagarde & Deveraux.

I sprung into action and started looking for a fire extinguisher.

Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to re-stock Goliath with fresh extinguishers, so I had to look around the garage for one.

Boyesen and the others went to look for one as well.

Thankfully, I got one from the garage and suppressed the flames before they got out of control.

“Aw man, I was going to get some marshmallows!” joked Deveraux.

I was not in the mood for that sort of thing, so I stared at him for a second before putting the extinguisher back.

“OK,” said Boyesen, “Now that we’re here and this emergency has been taken care of, I’d like to show you around. Please come with us.”

I followed Boyesen and the others as they took me on a tour of their headquarters.

Our first stop was the armory, which not only contained small arms and anti-tank weapons, but also tank ammunition.

The walls were lined with various charts and diagrams: Tank types, inventory listings, notices on handling munitions, gun blueprints, etc…

At the desk, there was a German seated here.

“This is Hauptman Conrad Thalberg, our quartermaster” said Boyesen.

“How do you do?” said Thalberg, who got up from his chair to shake my hand.

Not wanting to be impolite, I shook his hand and said, “Hi there.”

Underneath my face shield, however, I had nothing but a cold stare for him.

I never trusted the Germans in the first place, and I was not very enthused by the prospect of working on the same team as any of them.

On the other hand, I suppose that Major Boyesen can keep them in line.

Speaking of the good major, he continued the tour and brought me to another room, which had a couple of large computers.

Despite the sheer mass of these machines, they could be controlled using display units that were no larger than a radio.

They could also be manipulated using a typewriter-style control mechanism.

Overseeing the whole operation was a Soviet officer whom I immediately recognized.

“This is Capitan Nikita Peshkov, our chief intelligence officer & recruiter,” said Boyesen.

“Hey, I remember you!” exclaimed Peshkov. “It’s good to see you again!”

“Good to see you too!” I said as I shook his hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you earlier, comrade!”

“It’s all right,” replied Peshkov, “Considering the circumstances you were in, I wouldn’t have believed it, either!”

“Peshkov told us about your escape from the Red Wolves,” added Boyesen.

“Oui, that was impressive!” chimed in Lagarde.

“Now do you see why we’ve been expecting you?” asked Boyesen.

“Yes,” I replied, “but why me? Why not some other tanker?”

“Because,” replied Boyesen, “we just happened to come across you. See, Yayax Squad is looking for recruits with good equipment and proficient tank skills, and when we saw you in battle, we decided to check you out. Ordinarily, we choose not to interfere when one of our prospects is engaged in battle, but if we feel that they really are valuable and they appear to be in great danger, then we might just take action.”

“Wait, so you’re telling me that you saved my life when I was capturing that KV-3 at Murovanka?” I replied.

“Yes,” said Boyesen.

“And you guys also saved me from the Telemark Expeditionary Force back in Norway!?”

“That’s right.”

“We almost lost you in the snowstorm back there!” said Lagarde.

“Well, thanks, I suppose,” I replied. “Now, are you also going to tell me that you are the mysterious benefactors who gave…”

“Yes, soldier, we’re the ones who gave you the T-150 & KV-1,” said Boyesen. “We wanted to reward you for going above and beyond by capturing that KV-3.”

“Hold it,” I said, “are you actually saying that you people went into MY hideout!?”

“Yes, we did,” replied Boyesen.

I was absolutely shocked!

My hideout was supposed to be a sanctuary – a place where I could take care of my tank & myself without getting shot at or blown up!

Yet these people went on in like it was nothing!!

Noticing my silence, Boyesen added: “If it makes you feel any better, we didn’t touch anything in your hideout and we didn’t take anything. In fact, we had some of our best tankers establish a perimeter around your home!”

“He’s right,” said Deveraux, “we left everything alone!”

“Yes! We can testify to that!” said Lagarde.

Hmmm…on second thought, I didn’t see anything missing or out of place after the parking spots for my new toys were installed, so I suppose they were right.

“Thank you,” I said. “I feel good that you didn’t touch anything. I suppose I can trust you.”

“You’re welcome, I’m glad that we can trust each other,” replied Boyesen.

Having shown me this room, we continued our tour before finally ending up at the barracks.

In the barracks, there were already a few tankers here, including Oberleutnant Wilhelm Betzel of the German Army, Leytenant Magdalena Polyanskiy, Starshiy Leytenant Sergei Berezhkin and Starshina Fyodor Tregubov of my country.

Tregubov seemed to recognize me, but I wasn’t sure I’d seen him before until…

He pulled out something!

It was an Ace of Diamonds playing card!

“I’m glad you’re alive!” I told Tregubov.

“The feeling is likewise, comrade!” he replied. “I shall enjoy fighting alongside you again!”

At this point, Boyesen spoke up:

“This is where our tour ends, soldier. You can do whatever you want for now, but be sure to report when called in, OK?”

“Yes, sir!”

Then, Boyesen and his deputies went away to attend to something else on the base.

Meanwhile, I told Tregubov, “I’ll be going to the intelligence room. I’ll be back soon, comrade.”

“Very well,” he replied.

After a little backtracking and trying to remember, I found the intelligence office.

“Pardon me, comrade,” I said to Peshkov, “Would you mind if I looked up some information about tanks? I’ve encountered many of them, but I’m sure there are more.”

“Permission granted,” he replied. “Just don’t give out this information to the wrong people, OK?”


I’m fairly sure that Yayax Squad is not the only one with this sort of information, but I’ll be sure not to give it out.

Anyways, my search returned some interesting results:

I found out about an American medium tank known as an M26 “Pershing”, which was nicknamed by the British after an American general, John “Black Jack” Pershing.

Surprisingly, the Pershing had also been the basis for the T-series heavy tanks that I had seen, so why hadn’t I seen the Pershing before?

That aside, I learned of another American medium, the M46 “Patton”, named for one of America’s best generals of this war.

Its choice of armaments included a 105mm T5E1M2.

Coincidentally, this was also the tank that Deveraux used.

There was also T30, which was actually a heavy tank destroyer with a turret and was similar to the T29/T32/T36.

According to the entry for this tank, it was originally classified as a Tier Ten heavy tank, but had been reclassified as a Tier Nine tank destroyer.

Its armaments were the same ones as the Terrible 95.

The Tier Ten heavy tank for America was the T110E5, which resembled a smaller M103.

This tank was Boyesen’s tank, too.

The databanks also mentioned a T110E3 and T110E4, but data on them was not much, the only real facts of note being that they were tank destroyers.

As for Germany, there wasn’t much that I hadn’t seen before, but I did find out about a new variant of the VK 4502, the “Ausf. B” variant, informally known as the “Hintern” variant.

This one had a Ferdinand-style arrangement with the engines in front of the turret, but aside from this and the choice of more powerful armament, it was principally similar to the VK 4502 Ausf. A “Vorne”.

I also learned more about the E-100, which was classified as a Tier Ten heavy tank.

Aside from a 128mm gun, it could also mount a fearsome 155mm gun, which was probably not as accurate as the 128mm.

There was also a tank destroyer variant called the JagdPanzer E-100.

The database also had an incomplete entry on the Maus.

Little was known about it here except that it was a Tier Ten heavy tank like the E-100.

Of course, I knew better.

Other incomplete entries included the E-50 Ausf. M, the Panzer IX & Panzer X.

France didn’t have as many tanks that were new to me, but here’s what they did have:

For their Tier Ten heavy tank, they had the AMX-50B, which followed the same design pattern as the AMX-50/100 and AMX-50/120, but used components from all countries.

When it came to tank destroyers, they had two based on the AMX M4 chassis: The AMX Anti-Char modèle 1946 & AMX Anti-Char modèle 1948.

There was also one based on the AMX-50, called the AMX-50 “Foch”.

The armaments data suggested that it could carry a 155mm autoloader cannon, the thought of which made me sick.

As for SPGs, they had another Lorraine called the Lorraine 155 mod. 51, plus one based on the Bat-Chatillon’s chassis, the Bat-Chatillon 155.

With technology like this, it makes me wonder when this war will really end.

Because I’d already acquired so much valuable intel during my escape from the Red Wolves, the Soviets didn’t have a lot of missing pieces.

One of these was a T-54 medium tank, which resembled a T-44 with a dome-shaped turret.

Unlike the T-44, though, it was not available with a 122mm gun as a possible armament.

Another tank was a part of the IS series of heavy tanks: The IS-8, with a hull that looked similar to the IS-3, but with a different turret.

Also called the “IS-10” or “T-10”, it was available with a bunch of 122mm guns, including a new one: The M62-T2.

Next, there was the IS-7.

The IS-7’s hull sort of resembled the IS-3’s hull, but it had a new turret with a 130mm S-70 cannon.

The gun reminded me of a coastal artillery gun I’d seen once, which made me wonder what other Soviet tanks had naval artillery pieces mounted.

They also mentioned a new variant of the IS-4, also known as Object 701 No. 6.

In contrast to my data on the IS-4, this one seemed to have thicker armor and also carried the M62-T2.

Moving on to tank destroyers, they had an ISU-152 model 1945, also called Object 704.

I immediately recognized it as the tank that blew off Goliath’s turret at Karelia!

Speaking of Goliath, I’d better attend to it soon.

There was an entry for another tank destroyer: Object 268, a Tier Ten vehicle that seemed to be based on the T-10’s chassis and was armed with a 152mm M64.

There were also entries for another line of tank destroyers: SU-100M1, SU-101, SU-122-54 and Object 263.

However, there was no data for these machines except for the fact that the SU-100M1 & SU-101 were both based on the T-34 chassis and that the SU-122-54 was based on the T-54.

Having done all I wanted to for now, I decided to relax in the barracks.

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Well Done

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I'll take it that Goliath will be taking on higher tiered opponents from now on..

BTW, My crew wants in! LOL

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View Postk9catforce, on Oct 14 2012 - 17:13, said:

I'll take it that Goliath will be taking on higher tiered opponents from now on..

BTW, My crew wants in! LOL

Technically, that bad dude's been taking on higher-tiered opponents since Chapter 15: Wait...Who's Coming? However, this assumes that the KV-2 is a Tier Six machine. If ya go by the pre-7.3 standard where the KV-2 was a Tier Five tank (and technically merged with the KV-1), then he'd have been taking on higher-tiered opponents since Chapter 14: Hide And Seek.

P.S., You'll get in soon enough, I assure you.

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Can I has in too? :)?

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google'd yayax...

is this a star wars reference?

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Can there be a Bat Chat in the clan with the player tag skyf24? :) Lovin this, you never disappoint Alpha.

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Here, in the barracks, I found only Leytenant Polyanskiy.

“Ah, hello again!” she said. “It’s good to see you!”

“Likewise.” I said.

Personally, I held a slight contempt for her just because she was a woman, but on the other hand, she was from my country, so that was a bonus.

Also, maybe I should open my mind to new ways of thinking about what women can do.

“I would like to talk to you,” she said. “Do you mind?”

“Go right ahead, Magdalena.” I replied.

“Please, call me Mila!”

“OK then, Mila.”

“I wonder, where did you get that steel suit of yours?”

“I made it myself!”

“Really? How interesting!”

“Actually, this isn’t my first one. I made a slightly different one before this, but I had to replace it because it was taking a lot of damage.”

“I’m glad that you can take care of yourself like this! Now, what is your name?”

“I don’t have one, and before you do, don’t ask me why not. I just don’t, OK?”

“That’s…strange, but I think I understand. Now, what did you do before the war?”

“Oh, not much, really. After I graduated school, I joined the army right away. It’s pretty much the only thing I know.”

“Well, you seem like you’ve been in the army for a while. Have they taught you a lot?”

“Well, actually…I taught myself a lot of this stuff. You know, repairing the tank, fabricating new attachments for it, keeping it stocked, everything a good tanker should know.”

“Amazing! You must be very talented!”

“I suppose I am, but as I have said before, the army is what I’m best at.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll find a good job after the war! Now tell me, do you have a girlfriend back home?”

I got a knot in my stomach at this point, but I tried my best.

“No…not really,” I said.

“Really? Why not?” asked Ms. Polyanskiy.

“Actually…there was this one girl…I suppose.”

“Please, do tell me more.”

“Well…you see…I saved her from enemy tanks, but then…I…”


I got a few more knots in my stomach, but I kept going despite the pain of bringing up such a topic.

“I…well…you see, I…I lost her! I told her that she couldn’t come along with me!! I was doing it for her safety, but I probably sent her to her doom!!!!”

“Oh, that is so sad!” said Mila, who reached out and tried to hug me despite the fact that steel wasn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to hug.

However, I stopped her and told her, “Don’t bother, I’ll be fine. No…really! I do appreciate the sentiment, but I assure you that I’ll get through this!”

Mila replied, “Well, if you ever change your mind, I’ll be there!”

“Yes, thank you very much” I said. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have other matters to attend to.”

“OK then! It was nice meeting you, whoever you are!”


I got up from my bunk and went to the motor pool to start working on Goliath.

However, Goliath’s parking spot was empty!

It wasn’t long, though, before I located Goliath in a nearby repair bay.

However, the technicians were just standing around, looking at my old friend.

I asked one of them, “Why are you standing around?”

“I don’t know,” said one of them, an American, “I just don’t know about this thing.”

“Why not?”

“I mean, look at it! It looks like it’s been through two wars, not to mention the crazy repair job you did to it!”

“I know that’s not my best work, but I was in a hurry at the time! Believe me, I know a lot about repairing these vehicles! I could have it fully operational again!”

“You sure, pal? I think you’d better take another look at this heap of junk!”

“Hey, watch what you say about this thing!”

“Look, I’m just not sure this is gonna happen! Try taking another look at it!”

“Very well, for your sake, I will take another look!”

I took a more thorough look at Goliath.

Hmmm…maybe he was right.

Even with my half-finished repairs, I guess it had been through so much.

Maybe it needed more than repairs.

I figured that now was the time to rebuild Goliath completely.

“Wait, I’ve got a great idea,” I said to the technicians. “Do you have any steel or other raw materials around here?”

With that, we started working on Goliath.

Rather than simply repairing damaged parts, we disassembled my old friend completely, discarded any parts with significant damage or wear, brought in fresh parts and fabricated new parts if we didn’t have any spares lying around.

We kept the basic hull, though.

It was a complex job, but with multiple people working on it, it went quite smoothly.

I even stepped in to guide somebody if they were having any sort of difficulty.

While the rebuild was underway, though, Boyesen came in and requested to speak to me.

The other technicians stopped for a moment.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want to show you something,” he said.

I instructed the other guys to keep working while I was away and to come get me if they were really stuck.

In the meantime, Boyesen brought me to a secluded vehicle bay.

“We got this for you,” said Boyesen, pointing to the Soviet tank parked in the bay.

I immediately recognized it as a KV-series tank, judging by the chassis.

It had an elongated chassis like the KV-4, but it had a gigantic turret, plus an enclosed machine gun turret in front of the main turret.

This must be a KV-5!

“I’m sorry, Major, but I cannot accept this,” I told Boyesen.

“We got you this tank because we felt that you deserved something better,” replied Boyesen. “Doesn’t a tanker as good as you deserve a tank like this?”

“Major, I understand what you’re saying, but I do not feel that this tank suits me.”

“Why not? It has better armor, a better gun, it’s a better tank all around.”

“Believe me, Major, if you’d been with Goliath as long as I have been, you would understand. Trust me, I…”

I trailed off for a few seconds.

“Although, I think you folks should keep this tank for me in case I ever change my mind. Can you please do that?”

“Yes, we can do that for you,” he replied. “However, our space is limited in this castle.”

“Don’t worry, Major, I’m sure you’ll figure something out!”

“I sure hope so.”

We returned to the repair bay, where I assisted the technicians with the rest of the rebuild, plus the repainting.

They even had a proper camo net for me!

When it was all done, Goliath looked just like it had rolled out of the factory!

Well…except for the addition of the mine dropper.

“Hey, that machine looks awesome!” said the American technician that I’d spoken to earlier. “I didn’t think you knew anything about repairing these tanks!”

“Thank you, too!” I said. “This machine was like a friend to me! There’s just one thing missing, though.”


“Do you have any white paint?”


After I got the paint, I repainted Goliath’s name (in Russian) back on the turret.

“What’s that say?” asked the American.

“It says ‘Goliath’,” said another technician, a Russian.

“That’s the name of my tank.” I added.

“Oh, that reminds me,” said the American, “My name’s Garrett, Luther Garrett. What’s yours?”

“I don’t really have one, but don’t let it puzzle you,” I said.

“OK then. By the way, that’s Ulf,” he said, pointing to the German technician, “and that’s Mikhail,” he said as he pointed out the Russian technician.

As usual, we exchanged handshakes and greetings.

“That is an unusual sort of armor you have,” remarked Mikhail, “I never imagined that Soviet industry would create something so innovative!”

“Actually, I made this suit myself,” I said.

All three of the technicians were awed.

“Well, since you know a lot about repairing tanks, I should’ve known you’d make something so nifty!” said Garrett.

“Could you take it off?” asked Ulf. “I wish to see what you look like.”

“Sorry, but I remove this armor for no one.”

“Well, can you make us a suit like this?” asked Mikhail.

“Yeah, this could help us out a lot!” exclaimed Garrett.

“I would love to,” I said, “but this is not for everyone. It’s heavy, so you must be strong enough to overcome the weight. Besides, I don’t have time; I must attend to other matters!”

“Well, it was nice seeing you, pal!” said Garrett.

With my tank finished, I went to find Boyesen…

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man...I just love the concept of this. what a perfect way to describe WoT in a story. I just spent the latter half of the day reading your works Alpha, and I gots to say...SolDust r impressed!

as a bit of a writer my self, you have inspired me actually start on a concept for a WoT related story I had for a while.  I was wondering though, might I give the unknown tanker a cameo in my own little work? you have done a great job making him a well rounded character, yet still have that dark mysterious feel to him.  he wont have a major part, just a quick(relatively) one time appearance.
I'm prolly not gonna post my story on the forum though, coz its not in a readable state, and there's already too many stories going on right now with the same premise...eventually though..and somewhere else... :Smile-tongue:

make more chapters so i can read them and waste my time!

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View PostSolDust, on Oct 18 2012 - 03:30, said:

man...I just love the concept of this. what a perfect way to describe WoT in a story. I just spent the latter half of the day reading your works Alpha, and I gots to say...SolDust r impressed!

as a bit of a writer my self, you have inspired me actually start on a concept for a WoT related story I had for a while.  I was wondering though, might I give the unknown tanker a cameo in my own little work? you have done a great job making him a well rounded character, yet still have that dark mysterious feel to him.  he wont have a major part, just a quick(relatively) one time appearance.
I'm prolly not gonna post my story on the forum though, coz its not in a readable state, and there's already too many stories going on right now with the same premise...eventually though..and somewhere else... :Smile-tongue:

make more chapters so i can read them and waste my time!

His mysterious tanker has made repeated cameos in my stories  :Smile_glasses:

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just tough id ask...just to..you know, be polite.
oh and also to let him know that i love his work!

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View PostSolDust, on Oct 18 2012 - 03:30, said:

man...I just love the concept of this. what a perfect way to describe WoT in a story. I just spent the latter half of the day reading your works Alpha, and I gots to say...SolDust r impressed!

as a bit of a writer my self, you have inspired me actually start on a concept for a WoT related story I had for a while.  I was wondering though, might I give the unknown tanker a cameo in my own little work? you have done a great job making him a well rounded character, yet still have that dark mysterious feel to him.  he wont have a major part, just a quick(relatively) one time appearance.
I'm prolly not gonna post my story on the forum though, coz its not in a readable state, and there's already too many stories going on right now with the same premise...eventually though..and somewhere else... :Smile-tongue:

make more chapters so i can read them and waste my time!

You have my blessing!

P.S., More chapters are coming off the press!

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I found Boyesen in the cafeteria, chatting with Lagarde & Deveraux.

I was hungry anyways, so I went to one of the food servers, who served me with an odd sort of meat called “Spam”, some beans and a cup of coffee.

I have had better meals out in the wild, but this was acceptable to my palate.

I sat down at Boyesen’s table and said “hi” to everyone, who likewise said “hi” back to me.

Eating was kind of awkward because I had to be careful not to show my face to anyone here, either.

“Why not just take off your face mask?” asked Lagarde.

“I can’t do that, Capitaine Lagarde,” I said. “I know that it’s not comfortable eating like this, but I’ll deal with it.”

The “Spam” tasted a bit odd, like some unknown type of ham, but like I mentioned earlier, it was good enough.

In between bites, I had some questions for Boyesen & his deputies:

“You say that the war’s not over yet, Major. Why do you say this?

“Because,” he replied, “there are still a lot of tanks fighting out there. Also, remember all those tank companies & clans you’ve encountered?”

“Yes?” I replied.

“There are still more members and tanks in a lot of these clans, not just the ones you defeated in battle.”

“Ah, that makes sense.”

To tell the truth, it did make perfect sense.

After all, I had fought Die Apfel Korps twice when I was traveling through the desert.

Also, I had to fight the Soviet-American Alliance twice on my excursion into Scandinavia: Once when I was first entering Karelia, and another time when I was coming home from Norway, not counting any stragglers I encountered coming back from my first time heading to the Mannerheim Line.

Of course, we certainly can’t forget the good old Red Wolves.

After all, they had lots of personnel working for them, in addition to a large motor pool.

Now, the next question:

“What do you know about this ‘Manhattan Project’, Major?”

Major Boyesen was silent for a few seconds until he responded: “Sorry, but I am not at liberty to discuss that with you, soldier.”

“Is it really that big of a deal?” I asked.

“I said, I am not at liberty to discuss that subject,” he replied, slightly annoyed. “Now please, can we move on to another matter?”

I guess the major was truly uncomfortable discussing that one.

That, or it was top secret, which got me all the more curious.

In the interest of not antagonizing Boyesen, though, I asked him this instead:

“Major, I’ve been wondering: What exactly is a ‘Yayax’?”

“It’s a mysterious beast,” replied Boyesen. “We don’t know much about it, other than the fact that it’s said to live in forests and eats tanks.”

I do remember seeing some sort of beast depicted on Yayax Squad’s logo that appeared to be eating a tank. No doubt this was it.

“I think I ran into something like that once,” added Deveraux. “It was April 1943, I think. I was operating in an Alpine forest somewhere in Italy when my Sherman was hit by some tank I couldn’t see. My tank survived, but barely. Another shot wrecked the thing, killing some of my men. Damn, I was lucky I even survived!”

“Captain Deveraux, I think I might know the identity of this hidden killer,” I said.

“Really?” asked Deveraux. “What is it?”

“I’m not sure, but I think your tank was destroyed by a Tiger tank. I’ve seen these make short work of T-34s before, and maybe a Sherman or two.”

“Holy crap! I never even had a chance against him! Do you know how many Shermans it takes to kill that kind of steel?”

“No, I have never calculated that. I may do so when I have the time, though.”

“Well congratulations, Bryan!” exclaimed Lagarde. “It takes some real nerve to go up against a Tiger with a Sherman and live!”

“Yes, very good,” I said. “Now, let us move on to another topic. Major, have you heard of an individual going by the name of ‘W.G.’?”

“No, not that I can think of,” replied Boyesen. “Why?”

“Well, I have something important to show you.”

“Can it wait until after I finish my meal?”

“I’m not too sure. I’d hate to interrupt you, but on the other hand, I don’t know how much longer we can go on without showing you.”

“Well, all right. What do you have?”

I showed Boyesen the communiqués I’d intercepted from “W.G.”, including the bulletin about me.

“Interesting. But what does this…”

All of a sudden, Peshkov came rushing in.

“Major!! Major!!” he exclaimed. “You’re not going to believe this, but we’re getting a flurry of messages from this one source!”

“Do you have any copies of these messages?” asked Boyesen.

“Yes, in fact, I have one right here.”

Peshkov handed over the intercepted message, which was as follows:

“Agent 644:

You should now be directing further attention towards the western sector. Enemy military forces of varying national origins have been making swift and aggressive incursions from the northern part of this sector in the past few months, and my estimations show that the resulting infighting that will result from this influx of forces will be highly detrimental to our objectives. If such infighting is allowed to fester any further, then we will lose the serpentine grip that we have exerted over this territory. Make use of your most elite units and do not hesitate to requisition help from our other agents. If we can curtail these forays into our territory, then we shall be better prepared to consolidate our remaining assets.

Even if our situation seems dire, remember: We are the true ones. Our clan shall prevail in the end.

-With regards,

Afterwards, I spoke up:

“Comrades, this is all a ruse.”

“How can you be so sure?” asked Peshkov.

“Capitan Peshkov’s right,” added Boyesen. “How do you know that?”

I told them about “W.G.”’s grand plan to get various tankers to eliminate each other and take over the world.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Lagarde.

“Holy crap!!” exclaimed Deveraux.

“How can this be going on!?” wondered Peshkov.

“That’s terrible,” said Boyesen, who also added: “But do you have any proof?”

“Believe me, Major,” I began, “I have analyzed the manifestos of tank companies working for W.G. and I have found some of them to be incompatible with each other. I have even brought a few copies here myself! Please, have a look!”

It was true, I did have copies of the manifestos for the Red Wolves and Holy Roman Alliance with me at this moment.

In fact, I had collected at least one copy of a manifesto from every tank company & clan that I had fought as proof of their defeat.

The one exception was the Red Wolves.

I did get some copies of their manifesto, but I had procured these during my escape from their secret headquarters as proof that I had escaped from them.

Their first defeat did not come until later.

Now, everyone seemed to be satisfied with this evidence, but Lagarde asked, “Wait, wouldn’t they be putting those differences aside and working together to rule the world?”

“No no no, Capitaine Lagarde,” I replied. “Believe me, the Red Wolves are too devoted to their cause. They would never permit any incursion onto Soviet soil, and once they found out their comrades’ true intentions, that’s when W.G.’s plan will come into action.”

“Then there’s no question,” said Boyesen. “Gentlemen, come with me, we’re going on full alert!”
Suddenly, a French officer came running up to Boyesen.

“Monsieur Boyesen,” he said, “you must read this! It’s important!”

“How important is this, L’Heroux?” replied Boyesen. “Can it wait?”

“Non, it is a clan challenge!”

“Very well, give it to me, then.”

In this world, clans often issued challenges to one another.

Basically, a challenge announced a clan’s intent to try to invade the territory of the clan they were challenging.

It was considered very rude for a clan to reject a challenge, for they might be seen as cowards.

In the meantime, Peshkov told me, “By the way, comrade, this is Marechal des Logis Armand L’Heroux. He is part of my division.”

“How do you do?” I said.

“Ça va bien. It is good to meet you!” he replied as we shook hands. “That is a fantastic uniform you have! Where did you get it?”

“I made it myself,” I replied, “but I’ll explain later. Right now, it looks like Boyesen’s got something else on his hands, maybe in ours, too.”

Speaking of Boyesen, he spoke up:

“Well, soldier, it looks like your little superhero campaign will have to wait.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “The fate of the world rests on this so-called ‘superhero campaign’…whatever that means!”

“I know how you feel, soldier,” replied Boyesen. “However, I care about this clan, and part of that means that I have to accept challenges from other clans no matter what!”

“Well…okay…I suppose. I do hope that you are prepared to accept the consequences of your actions, anticipated or not.”

On the other hand, I was grateful to be going into battle with these folks, especially now that Goliath was refurbished!

Plus, this clan might just get us another shot at “W.G.”!

“Well, this is it, men,” said Boyesen. “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”

Boyesen gathered up his best tankers…well…he gathered up just about all of the tankers in his clan, and we drove off to war.

The clan in question that we were to engage was the 1st Imperial Guards Regiment.

This clan was just one of a number of “guards regiments” that had spawned in just the past couple of months.

Though the exact national composition of each “guards regiment” varied, they had one common goal: Put an end to these dark times.

However, they had questionable motives for wanting to do so.

Heck, since they chose to challenge us, I figured that they must have something else in mind.

Anyways, our battle was to take place at a Cliff, the same Cliff where I had fought The Manhattanists.

When we got there, I couldn’t see any corpses of tanks that had belonged to The Manhattanists.

Actually, I’d returned to the same battlefields a number of times only to see that the blown-up hulks of tanks I’d faced had mostly disappeared.

My guess is that there were groups of tank recovery specialists who dragged tanks that were destroyed or inoperable off the battlefields.

That, or people simply tore pieces off of these dead tanks until there was nothing left.

Then again, both cases could be correct.

In any case, when we got there, Boyesen gave us all a message over the radio:

“Fireteam leader Alpha to all units, standard five-by-three formation! Stack up, over!”

Everyone gave an “affirmative” signal and got into position.

Goliath & I were positioned near the center.

For a few minutes, things were quiet.

“Fireteam leader Bravo here, I do not see anything in my sector, over!” said Lagarde.

“Fireteam leader Charlie, the situation is normal! All clear in this area, over!” said Deveraux.

About half an hour later, still nobody had showed up.

“Hey, where are these guys?” asked one tanker.

“Yeah, I’m starting to get bored!” said another one.

“Maybe those cowards refused to honor the challenge!” said another.

“Stay sharp, tankers!” said Boyesen, “They’ll be coming at any moment! Fireteam leader Alpha out!”

A few minutes more, and nothing happened, until…

A T-54 appeared!

“There’s one!” exclaimed a tanker.

However, nobody fired a shot at it before it quickly disappeared behind the large stone formation in the center-west area.

“Why did none of you shoot?” asked another tanker.

“Patience, troops,” said Deveraux, “That must have been a diversion!”

“Fireteam leader Charlie is correct,” said Boyesen. “Do not, I say again, do not engage targets unless you are positive that they are engaging us and you have a shot!”

Everyone gave an “affirmative” of some sort or other, but some did so reluctantly.

About a minute or so later, a Bat-Chatillon 25-ton showed up and went to the same area that the T-54 drove over too.

Around the same time, that’s when the mayhem began.

“Bravo Three, I’ve been hit!”

“Where did the shot come from?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t see him!!!”

“This is fireteam leader Alpha: All units, fire ‘em up! Fireteam leader alpha out!”

So, for the next few minutes, which seemed to slow down a bit due to how intense the battle was, we tried to reduce the 1st Imperial Guards Regiment to scrap metal.

“Get some fire on him!!!”

“I’M HIT!!!!!!”

“We got ‘em real good!!”

“To the left!!”

“Fire in the fuel tank!!!!!!”

“I got the bastard!!”

“TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!”

“Oh God, we’re hit!!!!”

“I think that went right through!!!!!”

“Bye bye, bad guy!!!!!”


“Come on, hold it together!!!!!!”

“That’ll show ‘em!!!”

“Look out, he’s a tricky one!!”

This sort of chaos continued throughout most of the battle…

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